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Updated May 30, 2021


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Tammy Ledbetter
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Tammy Ledbetter commented
i was born in 1972 of november on the 13 day,in stella missouri at the old freeman hospital. my mother carolyn s johnson married my father before i was born date unknown. i know my father was 47 years old when i was born. he shortly died two years later 12 days before i would of been 2years old.ive been told all my life my father was a great man fought in war world two and korean conflict,also stationed in italy.also i have 3 other siblings from one of his two former marriages. my half sister sylvia ledbetter,who was in a beauty pagent miss wyreicka ca,dates unknown. and my two brothers greg and joel also half siblings.my mother told me she sent pictures(school)of me every year until her letters started coming back. thats where the other part of my life stopped.ever since i was old enough to acknowlegde my life of my father ive been seeking for the side of me that has been lost.still searching for the answers i will journey on until some kind of answers will hopefully appear. i am 35 years old soon to be 36 in november,someone i know will answer my prayers and hopes that ive searched for all my lifeand i wont stop until the day god places me some where else.this is my story. tammy darline ledbetter/duncan. the end
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