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Lerg Last Name History & Origin

Updated Dec 15, 2021


It appears that the surname Lerg is not that common in Germany; in the 2000 US census, the Lerg surname occurred in only 101 families in the United States! Therefore, it is difficult to find a description of the origin of this surname on line. According to, the surname Lerch is a more common surname derived from Middle High German Lerche, meaning “Lark”. This is probably a nickname for someone with a good singing voice, or a metonymic occupational name for a bird-catcher. Therefore, we should not confuse this surname with the iconic fictional character named “Lurch” created by cartoonist Charles Addams as a manservant to The Addams Family television series, played by Ted Cassidy, who used the famous catchphrase: “You rang?” in a slow-motion basso-profondo voice. It was worth mentioning this non-connection, for the image of this fictional character jumps into my mind every time I hear the surname Lerch – so much my loss!


The Lerg family in Kirrlach was Catholic; It appears that the surname Lerg is not that common in Germany; in the 2000 US census, the Lerg surname occurred in only 101 families in the United States!

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Nationality & Ethnicity

Our story starts in the mid-1600s in a town by the name of Waghausel, found in the Upper Rhine Valley. It is situated about 4 miles southeast of Speyer, which is found on the Rhine River in Germany, about halfway between the cities of Karlsruhe and Mannheim, near the border with France. We are interested in a township called Kirrlach, one of three townships (or districts) within the region of Waghausel. The township of Kirrlach is at the southeastern portion of Waghausel and presently has a land area of 19.4 square kilometers with 9,422 inhabitants. The spatial boundaries of these townships are those of the former municipalities of the same name.

The region of Waghausel is found in the district of Bruchsal in the Karlsruhe area in Baden, Germany.

Records of several generations of the Lerg family were found in Kirrlach, Germany. Records found in the German church record of the Catholic (Katholisch) Church in Kirrlach: St. Cornelius and Cyprian, found on a street called St. Leoner Straβe.

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Surnames: Lereste - Lericci

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The average age of a Lerg family member is 74.6 years old according to our database of 47 people with the last name Lerg that have a birth and death date listed.


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