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Updated Jan 10, 2023


Mc=Son of
Derm=the Skin
OTT=Operating Through Time


From the beginning of creation it was the title given the one, amongst the Heavans, that would journey from the omnipresence into the existence of flesh, when need be heard.

Name Origin

Originated as Jason asked for the strength of Michael, in which he harbored within, on his last journey while in the flesh. It was the two as one, victoriously, freeing those manipulated and enslaved by they're no-longer living oppressors.
***Son, of the Skin, Operating Through Time*** McDermOtt

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Clare Higgins commented on Jun 25, 2009
I seek descendants of the McDermott family of Hudson, New York, Catherine and Charles, and their daughter Maria, who was born in 1874. Im interested because Catherine's sister, Bridget Gillespie (1852-1883) was the first wife of my great-grandfather, Michael Higgins. Bridget and Catherine's parents were William and Winnie Gillespie. Their siblings were Maurice, William, Edward, John, Mary and Fanny. When Charles and Catherine's daughter Maria was baptized, Bridget was a sponsor.

Bridget married Michael on May 12, 1872, at St. Mary's Church in Hudson, NY. Their son John was born in July, 1872 and their daughter Maria was born in 1875. Maria's name doesn't appear on any records after 1880. I don't know what became of her. Bridget died in 1884. Michael got married again in 1885, to Anne Keyes, my great-grandmother.

If you are connected with the McDermotts, I would like to hear from you. If you have any old photos of Bridget, I'd love to obtain copies and of course I'll pay any fees. Thanks. -- Clare Higgins, [contact link].
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