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Mary Labry commented on Apr 07, 2008
Through the generations most inheritors of the McLaughlin house were named Pat. They most frequently married a neighbor's daughter named Catherine. All but one child were forced by financial circumstances and the English to immigrate. James and Willie McLaughlin were the first here [New Orleans, LA]. Concahs were in New Orleans froom the 1830s (See New Orleans City Directory). Immigrants preferred California, Boston, NewYork.
there was no Pat in Pat & Kitty McLaughlin's family. The oldest living child, Mary McLaughlin Tomeny was 12 years older than the next child, Delia. Several children must have died in this long interval. The boys farmed and a slight drizzle (mizzle) is still ignored wetting them to the skin and causing TB. After his marriage to Effie [Mary Euphemia Stokelum], James McLaughlin went to Colorado for weak lungs for a long rest. [--Rose Tomeny, Wallpaper.]

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