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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Early Mcquades

These are the earliest records we have of the Mcquade family.

1800 - 1878
1805 - 1881
1821 - 1905
1828 - 1905
1828 - 1912
1833 - 1883
1833 - 1888
1834 - 1923
1837 - 1916
1844 - 1915

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Sample of 20 Mcquade Biographies

Jul 27, 1917 - Jul 18, 2005
Jan 27, 1923 - Nov 28, 2008
Sep 16, 1912 - November 1977
Apr 25, 1891 - November 1979
Jul 17, 1897 - May 1967
Jul 28, 1929 - Mar 15, 1989
Apr 2, 1914 - March 1975
Aug 1, 1912 - Aug 6, 1993
Apr 29, 1912 - September 1983
Mar 4, 1924 - Aug 6, 1980
Nov 16, 1929 - Apr 3, 2009
c. 1861 - Aug 10, 1903
c. 1845 - Sep 22, 1898
c. 1872 - Oct 21, 1939
c. 1865 - Apr 10, 1941
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
1877 - 1902
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1920 - Unknown

Mcquade Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Mcquade family member is 63.8 years old according to our database of 2,690 people with the last name Mcquade that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

63.8 years

Oldest Mcquades

These are the longest-lived members of the Mcquade family on AncientFaces.

May 29, 1904 - Jun 5, 2010
106 years
Dec 10, 1900 - Jan 26, 2005
104 years
Jul 3, 1899 - Dec 25, 1999
100 years
May 19, 1909 - Nov 2, 2009
100 years
Dec 29, 1905 - Jun 8, 2006
100 years
Jan 3, 1904 - Oct 17, 2003
99 years
Jan 2, 1914 - Feb 13, 2010
96 years
Feb 13, 1914 - Jun 1, 2010
96 years
Apr 19, 1898 - Aug 15, 1994
96 years
Dec 10, 1888 - July 1985
96 years

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Kimmy Dickerson
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This day has a threefold purpose: To honor grandparents
To give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children.

To help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer.

Grandparents Day First Sunday After Labor Day
In 1970, a West Virginia housewife, Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade, (My second Cousin, my father's first) initiated a campaign to set aside a special day just for Grandparents. Through concerted efforts on the part of civic, business, church, and political leaders, this campaign expanded statewide. Senator Jennings Randolph (D-WV) was especially instrumental in the project. The first Grandparents Day was proclaimed in 1973 in West Virginia by Governor Arch Moore. Also in 1973, Senator Randolph introduced a Grandparents Day resolution in the United States Senate. The resolution languished in committee.
Mrs. McQuade and her team turned to the media to garner support. They also began contacting governors, senators, congressmen in every state. And they sent letters to churches, businesses, and numerous national organizations interested in senior citizens. In 1978, five years after its West Virginia inception, the United StatesCongress passed legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. The proclamation was signed by President Jimmy Carter. (September was chosen for the holiday, to signify the "autumn years" of life.)
Today this event, begun by only a few, is observed by millions throughout the United States.

Facts About The Founder of Grandparents Day
A native of Fayette County, Marian McQuade and her husband Joe are the parents of 15 children. They have 40 grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.
Mrs. McQuade began a campaign in 1970 to set aside a day for grandparents; yet her work with senior citizens dates back to 1956, beginning with the Past Eighty Party, (originated by Jim Comstock, editor of the West Virginia Hillbilly). Mrs. McQuade has worked in several states with seniors. Iin 1971, she was elected Vice-Chairman of the West Virginia Committee on Aging and appointed as delegate to the White House Conference on Aging by Governor Arch A. Moore.
In 1972, Mrs. McQuade's efforts helped persuade President Richard Nixon to proclaim a National Shut-in Day.

Having served as President of the Vocational Rehabilitation Foundation, Vice-President of the West Virginia Health Systems Agency, appointed to the Nursing Home Licensing Board and having served as Co-chairman for the Bi-Centennial Centenarian Search for the West Virginia Commission on Aging, Mrs. McQuade has dedicated her life to advocating for senior citizens--pprticularly the most elderly.

Observance/Suggested Activities
Grandparents Day is a family day. Schools, churches, and senior organizations honor grandparents with special events. Some families enjoy small, private gatherings. Others celebrate by holding a family reunion. Board games which are easily played by young and old add enjoyment to family gatherings, enhancing "intergenerational interaction".
For those who entertain large groups, it can be fun to have a story-telling time, allowing grandparents to relate stories of their past, enlightening children about " the old days." Also interesting is to take a census, such as oldest and newest grandchild, family with the most grandchildren, and families with five generation present.
As Grandparents Day approaches, help Children and/or Grandchildren to identify and date all photos in old family albums. Many happy memories can be derived from this.Everyone is a grandchild and can be involved in the observance of this day - a time to discover one's roots and leam patience, understanding and appreciation for the elderly. Grandparents Day is the perfect time to enhance communication between the generations.

Special talents, such as cooking, sculpting or quilting can be passed on to those who display an interest. Old family music, songs and dances, along with their meanings and origins, are important in maintaining a strong sense of family background. Together, re-construct a family tree, giving children the opportunity to learn the ancestral line of their family. Strive to preserve particular ethnic or religious beliefs.
Many times, only grandparents have answers to questions about family histories. When this information is passed down to the grandchildren, everyone can be assured of his heritage being preserved.

Most important, Grandparents Day can signify a loving spirit that lives winin us throughout the year--a spirit of love and respect for our elders.

Shut-Ins and Homebound Elderly
Along with Grandparents Day, we should not forget shut-ins and those in nursing homes who are unable to be with their families or have no families. Every effort must be made to include these people in the mainstream through cards, community projects and visitation at times other than just holidays.

There are many, many elderly who arae not fortunate encough to have family nearby. The need is increarsing every day to fill the void of their loneliness. In every neighborhood, there are elderly who would love an opportunity to be a Foster Grandparent. Parents, churches, schools, and senior organizations, help children to adopt a grandparent!

Founder's Advisory Committee (original)
Cecil H. Underwood
Governor of WV Shirley Love
WV State Senator
Honorable Jennings Randolph
United States Senator of WV Jim Comstock
Journalist and Historian
Ronald Ohl
President, Salem College Jim Franklin
Nancy Hannabass
Banker and Civic Leader Mrs. Gene Skeldon
Elizabeth Thrush
News Media Mrs. Astri Jarrett
Civic Leader
Mrs. Fannie Redman
Aging Programs Bill Bright
Carolyn Terrell
Poet and Writer Oak Hill Junior Civitan Club
The Shirley Donnelly Bible Class
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