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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Surnames: Meylakov - Meyrons

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Keith Owen commented on Dec 01, 2002
WILLIAM THOMAS MEYRICK ,was born into a working class family in 1876 he Married ANNIE LLOYD, (1873 - 20/12/1959 ) who came from Felindre ,at Knighton Church on 14/5/1899. he first met Annie when she came to work as a domestic for the local doctor at Wylcwm St. Knighton. they saved and bought there own house and lived at no 16 ,Mill Green, Knighton, and he was well known locally for his love of animals, keeping & breeding pigeons, sparrows, ferrets, whippets, pigs, rats & most of all budgerigars & canaries. he supplemented his income by selling these , his nickname was birdie, and for many years after his death his house in millgreen was still known as the aviaries.William like his father spent all his working life on the Central Wales railway, he worked as a linesman, and had an accident, when a train unexpectedly shunted back , which resulted in him losing his toes, today this would not be fatal , but at that time gangarine set in and he died aged 62. Annie took in washing to supplement her income, as the house was close to the river it would often get flooded & she often would have to stand knee deep in water to get all the ironing done, this may well have led to her disability in later life. when she sufferered greatly from rheumatism and was confined to a wheel chair from age 60, she was looked after by her daughter Eva, & died from a stroke aged 86. Before his death they sold there mill green house & bought no4 Victoria rd . Knighton in the spring of 1930, for the purchase price of £415 - , this was a larger & better house , the main attraction being it was on a hill and would not get flooded. They had 4 children. Although starting off from humble beginnings through a great deal of hard work they managed to get their own property , and it was unfortunate that William died at a young age ,from what today would be classed as a minor accident .
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