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Updated Aug 24, 2022


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Linda Austin commented on Dec 01, 2002
David moses was born in Georgia around 1806. He was the son of John and Anna Moses. His father died about four years later and Ann remarried to a man called Drury May. David married Martha McCrary and Had two children Amanda and Leander Goodman Moses. In 1833 David went to San Augustine TX to live. He then joined the fight for the indenpendence of the people of Texas. He was at the Battle of Bexar, then marched with Johnson and Grant on the Ill-fated Matamors Expedition. He was one of six to escape from the Mexican forices at Agua Dulce. He made his way back to Refugio and came upon Lewis Ayers who was stranded with his family and others there. Lewis Ayers went with David Moses on to Goliad Texas because David had a horse.David wanted to warn Fannin of the Mexican army coming.Lewis Ayers wanted help to remove the people in Refugio out of the Mexican Armys way. David was killed with Fannin and 342 other men on March 27 1836 at Goliad. More men died at Goliad than at the Alamo. I think it is not every one that can say that their great, great, great grand father was a real hero but mine was. Linda Austin
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