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Muniz Last Name History & Origin

Updated Feb 19, 2021


Muniz Family


The Muniz lineage is found together with its heraldry in Asturias, Spain. It is believed that surnames with Zeta at the end are of Hebrew Origin. Early Origins of the Muniz family are also associated with personal names of Germanic origin
"The surname Muniz was first found in Galicia and Castile, important Christian kingdoms of medieval Spain." Quoted from the House of Names web page

Name Origin

Muniz (spelled in Spanish as Muñiz) Surname Definition:
(Spanish) The son of Muno (hill), or of Nuno.

Spellings & Pronunciations

Muniz or Muñiz. Also Muni, Muñoz, Munoz, Muño, Muno, Muñones, Monis and many more.

Nationality & Ethnicity

Spain White

Famous People named Muniz

Marco Antonio Muñiz (b. 1933), famous Mexican singer
Frankie Muniz, American Actor born in 1985, Tomás Muñiz (1900-1963), Puerto Rican radio and television producer \and Vik Muniz is a Brazilian artist and photographer born in 1961

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The average age of a Muniz family member is 66.5 years old according to our database of 3,377 people with the last name Muniz that have a birth and death date listed.

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