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I recently just found out this story from my great, great grandfather Pierre Josue Parenteau's sister's descendants(her name was Annabella Parenteau who married John James Cochrane).

Supposedly the story goes that Pierre Josue Parenteau's father, Alphonse Joseph Parenteau got to meet the Queen Victoria, when he was a young kid. I would guess, as we don't know the precise date or year, but it was when he was young...maybe 1855 [external link] [external link] he was born in 1849 to Joseph Parenteau and Angelique Godon. Queen Victoria wanted some Metis Courier De Bois and wanted a meeting with them. So Joseph Parenteau Jr(his father was Frenchman Joseph Victor Parenteau born in Quebec June 15, 1776) and his young son Alphonse Joseph Parenteau(who is my great great great grandfather) went to England. The story goes that Joseph Parenteau Jr was in a meeting and told his young son Alphonse to play in the garden. Later when he went to go get him, he couldn't find him, and upon coming inside, found him sitting there having milk and cookies with the Queen Victoria.

That is the neat story.

Cameron Parenteau
Jan 05, 2006 · Reply