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Phenglavanh Last Name History & Origin

Updated Sep 13, 2017


The Phenglavanh family is from Laos but also has French roots because some of the Laotian family intermarried with the French when they occupied Laos. Spelling variations, the meaning of the surname Phenglavanh, and the history of the family is still to be learned.  If you know any of this, please share your information on this page.


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Nationality & Ethnicity

The Phenglavanh family origins are French and Laotian, primarily Laotian since the French intermarried with the family during the French occupation of Laos. The Phenglavanh family is laos and french. France took over loas. Most of the phenglavanh family are American. They have different ethnicity like black , white , asian , and European. 

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The average age of a Phenglavanh family member is 76.0 years old according to our database of 1 people with the last name Phenglavanh that have a birth and death date listed.

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76.0 years

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Dun Phenglavanh commented on Jan 14, 2013
Born on November 7 1999 in Detroit Michigan United States. Asian black/brown hair. Has one brother and one sister. Living with the, and their parents. Likes to play basketball, age 13 still alive in 2013. Relatives that lives in America , Asia , and Europe. Goes to a middle school.
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