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Updated Oct 05, 2020


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Early Popes

These are the earliest records we have of the Pope family.

1507 - c. Jan 29, 1558
1525 - Oct 23, 1609
1666 - Unknown
1805 - 1890
1810 - 1880
1813 - 1884

Pope Family Members

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Pope Biographies

Jun 4, 1876 - Unknown
Nov 11, 1926 - January 1986
Jul 7, 1917 - December 1985
Sep 21, 1909 - November 1970
Oct 20, 1943 - Aug 14, 2008
May 21, 1923 - Nov 27, 2001
May 16, 1904 - April 1973
Jan 26, 1895 - Jul 19, 1988
Jul 14, 1941 - Oct 22, 2003
Mar 5, 1918 - Dec 24, 2001
Oct 13, 1907 - January 1996
Feb 14, 1880 - Apr 15, 1968
May 1, 1996 - Mar 6, 2004
Oct 4, 1955 - March 1980
c. 1972 - Unknown
c. 1958 - Unknown
c. 1972 - Unknown
Apr 26, 1936 - Feb 2, 1983
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1920 - Unknown

Pope Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Pope family member is 69.6 years old according to our database of 25,257 people with the last name Pope that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.6 years

Oldest Popes

These are the longest-lived members of the Pope family on AncientFaces.

Oct 1, 1851 - March 1973
121 years
Mar 9, 1891 - Nov 17, 2001
110 years
Feb 4, 1888 - Nov 10, 1998
110 years
Dec 8, 1900 - Jan 1, 2008
107 years
Jul 8, 1903 - Jun 3, 2009
105 years
May 10, 1892 - Oct 20, 1997
105 years
Aug 8, 1897 - Feb 23, 2003
105 years
Sep 4, 1892 - Nov 9, 1997
105 years
Aug 18, 1899 - Dec 4, 2002
103 years
Nov 24, 1896 - Mar 19, 2000
103 years

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Stephen Pope
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Great grandpa George was born on the 5th of october 1853.Pennsylvania was his native state.He fought in the frontier wars from 1872 thru 1877 and reenlisted from 1878 thru 1883..He married great grandma Nellie in 1884.They had three children but only two survived to adulthood.They moved to Massachusetts in 1889 with their small son Howard,born in 1886.Grandpa George was a roofer and house painter.Their second son,Ralph was born in Massachusetts on December 27,1894.Great grandpa George and his Immediate family remained in Massachusetts for the rest of their lives.
Dec 21, 2003 · Reply
Stephen Pope
13 favorites
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 22:31:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: "sralph pope" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

My Uncle, Ralph Pope,Was A World War 1 Veteran,Having Enlisted On February 8th,1918 in The United States Army.He was Stationed in France at The Time of His Battle With German Hostility.Many of His Army Buddies Were Either Badly Wounded or Killed in The conflict and He Had Become A victim of Poisonous Gases Used By The German Opposition To Subdue The Enemy.At One Point,He Had To Lay Still in Order To Make The German Soldiers Believe That He Was Among The Dead Scattered All Around Him.This Was A Most Frightening Experience.On November 6th,Nine Months Into His Service,He was Transported to A Hospital in Terre Haute,France.His Condition Was Critical and He Underwent Surgery to Have A Lung Removed and Bullet Fragments From His Back.He Remained in Serious Condition for The Next Several Months.Back in The United States,His Family Received Notice That Ralph Was Among The Missing In Action Category and They Had Feared The Worst.It Was Not Until An Army Buddy Of His Had Returned Home and Told Ralph's Family That He Had Indeed Survived and Was Recovering From His Ordeal in the France Hospital.Needless to Say,The Family of Ralph S. Pope Were Ecstatic and Grateful to Know That They Would Be Seeing Him Again in Their Contemplation of His Returning Home.Although This Was A Very Fortunate Outcome For Ralph and His Family,A Not So Fortunate Event Occured In Ralph's Intimate Life with His Wife of Less Than Two Years.When His Spouse, Eva, Had Heard of Ralph's Status of M.I.A. She Had Become Despondant and Started Dating Another Man,Fearing That The Worst Had Happened To Ralph! When Ralph Eventually Had Returned Home He Had Discovered That His Wife Was Pregnant With The Other Man's Child.Despite of Ralph's Shock and Disappointment,He was Able to Forgive Eva, Considering the Exceptional Circumstances, and Both Agreed Upon An Anullment,Releasing Eva to Wed The Father of Her Child! Ralph was Never Again to Remarry But Went On to Become A Professional Motion Picture Theatre Set up Man And Electrician for Warner Brothers Production Company.Ralph Died in 1964 at the Age of 69 years.

Mar 18, 2007 · Reply
Stephen Pope
13 favorites
Harry H. Pope Was My Great Uncle.Son of James E.Pope And Ellen S. Mansfield.Born- April 1857.He Was One of Four Children.His Siblings Were 1.George W. Born -Oct 1853 Pennsylvania
2.Florence Born- Apr 1855 Pennsylvania
3. Andrew J.Born 1859 Pennsylvania
Henry(His Given Birth Name)Was A Cooper By Trade.He Lived in South Philadelphia,Pennsylvania Most of His Life.He Married Mary E.Halley -Year 1880- in Pennsylvania.Together They Produced Seven Children.Only Three Survived To Adulthood: Margaret
Mary Died of Heart Failure -1897-Their Youngest Daughter,Florence, Died That Same Year
At Age Six Years Old. After The Death of Harry's Wife And Daughter,He and The Three Remaining Children Lived With His Sister-In-Law, Margaret,Whom Had Lost Her Husband A Few Years Earlier. Harry and His Three Children Remained With Margaret Until 1907,When Harry Married Emma Purnell,A Widow With Two Adult Sons.This Union Remained Until Harry's Death-1935- The Headstone Reads: Harvey Pope.
Apr 22, 2010 · Reply

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