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Records taken from the
"Von Quackenbosch Bible".

This Bible has been handef down from thr First Generation to the last Generation

The Quackenbush family came from Holland, the name in Holland was Von Quakkenbosch. The American name is Quackenbush. It is spelled several different ways. The family was of Royal Decent and had a coat of arms. On the scroll it was written "VREDE IN RYKDOM" interpreted "PEACE IN WEALTH".

JANNAS PIETERSZOON VON QUACKENBOSCH, Born 1565, Holland, Death: Holland.

Children of Jannas Pieterszoon and ? Quackenbosch


PIETER JANOSZEEN QUACKENBOSCH, Born: 1590, Holland, Death: 1651, Married: Nelletjen Pietersz, 1613, Daughter of Pieter Van Starrevelt, B: 1539, Holland, D: 1593, Holland.

Children of Pieter and Neeltje (PIETERSZ) Quackenbosch


1. PIETER QUACKENBOSCH, Born: ca. 1614, Oegstgeest, Zuid, Holland, Netherlands, Married: Maretje Arienso Dochter 23 March 1639, Born: ca. 1617, Holland, Netherlands, Death: ca. December 1682, Albany, New York.

Children of Pieter and Maretje Quackenbosch

1.(F) Maritje, Born: ca. 1640, Oefstgeest, Zuid Holland, Holland, Netherlands, Death: December 1683, Constapel Island, Albany, New York. Married: 1662, Martin Cornelissen Van Buren.

Children of Martin Cornelissen and Maretje(Quackenbosch) Van Buren

1. (F) Magdalena Martense, B: 1650, Fort Orange, N.Y.

2. (M) B: 1652, Fort Orange, N.Y., D: 1709.

3. (M) Peter Martense, B: 1655, Fort Orange, N.Y.

4. (F) Marte Mertense, B: 1665, Fort Orange, N.Y.

5. (F) Maria Martense, B: 1658, Fort Orange, N.Y.

6. (F) Catelina Martense, B: 1660, Fort Orange, N.Y.

7. (M) Cornelis Martense, B: 1663, Albany, Albany, N.Y., D:1693 Constables IS. N.Y.

8. (F) Cornelia Martense, B: 1665, Albany, N.Y., D: 1716

9. (F) Catelina Martensz, B: 1667, N.Y.

10. (M) Pieter Martense, B: 1670, FT. Orange, Albany N.Y., D: 24 Nov 1755, Kinderhook, N.Y.
11. (F) Maitje Martense, B: 1675, Albany N.Y.

12. (M) Martin, B: 1678, Rensaelaer, N.Y., D: 21 Oct 1740, Rensaelaer, N.Y., D: 23 Oct, 1740, Rensaelaerswyck, N.Y.

13. (F) Catalyntje Martense, B: 1678, Albany N.Y.

14. (F) Magdalena B., B: 1680, Albany N.Y.

15. (F) Magdalena B., B: 1681, Albany N.Y.

16. (F) Teutje (Eunice), B: 1683, Albany, N.Y.

17. (F) Teutje M., B: 1683, Albany, N.Y.

18. (M) Hendrick M., B: 1685, Albany, N.Y., D: 23 Sept 1753

19. (M) Hendrick M., B: 1686, Albany, N.Y., D: 1753

2.(M) Johannes QUACKENBOSCH, Born: ca. 1642, Holland. Death: 1721 Canastogine, Albany, New York. Married: 1673, Magtelt Janse Post.

3.(M) Wouter, Born: ca.1644, Holland. Death: 18 November 1735. Married:#1. 1684, Neeltje Gysvertse Van den Bergh, daughter of Gusbert Cornelise Van den Bergh. Born: ca. 1650, Death and Buried: 21 November 1736, 7 children.
Married:#2. 4 October 1696, Cornelia Laurens Bogaert, 6 children.

4.(F) Neeltje (or Petrinella), Born: ca. 1650, Holland. Married: Albert Janse Ryckman. Abert Ryclman was Mayor of Alvany from 1702 to 1703.

5.(M) Reynier, Born: ca. 1652, Oestgeest, Holland. Married:#1. Lysbeth Janse Masten, 2 March 1674, New York DRC. Married:#2. Claesje Jacogs Stille, 13 September 1692, New York DRC.

6.(F) Annetje, Born: ca. 1658, Albany, New York. Married: Hendrick Maartensen Beeckman.

7.(F) Magdalena, Born: ca. 1660, Albany, New York. Married: Jonas Volkertse Douw, 14 November 1683, Albany DRC. Jonas, listed as a widower, Married: the widow Catrina (witbeck) Glen, 24 April 1696, Albany DRC.

8.(F) Jannetje, Born: ca. 1663 Albany New York. Married: Jacob Cornelius Bogaert, January 1679. 9.(M) Pieter, Born: 1669, Albany, New York. Died: 20 JUL 1748, Albany, NY
Married: 19 November 1701,

Neeltje Marinus, Albany New York, Dutch Reformed Church, Born: Schenectady, NY, Died: 1 FEB 1757, daughter of David and Rachel Hanse (TOLL) MARINUS.
Pieter Quackenbosch, Born: 1614, Holland, was the founder of the Quackenbush family in America, was a brick maker in Albany, New York. Although early records of Albany contain several references to him as Pieter Quackenbosch, he is also frquently found undr the name of Pieter Bont, and and sonetimes as Pieter (or Piet) Bout. The use of a second suname, or alias, was commonly found among the early Dutch settlers of New Netherland, as well as the frequent use of the Patronymic.

Pieter Quackenbosch probably left Holland for New Netherland in May of 1653 aboard the ship GRAFT. The following letter from Edward Man and A. Pater, Directors of the West Indies Company, to Pieter Stuyvesant tell of the passengers on this ship:

"A" 1653, the 7th of May.
Honorable, Vigorous, Pious,
Dear and Faithful.

In the ship 'Graft' goes over Mr. Johan De Hulter, partner in the Colony of Renselaerswyck, and his family who takes with hime a goodly number of free people, among them soe artisans, especially a bery good brickmaker, and many other mentioned in detail in the list, to settle either in said Colony, or elsewhere and assist in the cultibation of the soil there. As it is not yet quite decidedm where he may begin and as he may settle on Manhattans Island, where we believe it would be best, we have deemed it proper and just upon his request for a recommendation, because not known there, to direst you to favor him as far as possible without prejudice to the Company's interests and kindly assist him in everything; and if he should conclude to remain upon Manhattans or Long Island to allot for him so suitable a place, as his circumstances and the fitness of it for a brickyard require. Hereupon relying etc. etc.


the 7th of May 1653 To Directeur Stuyvesant in New Netherland.


Assumming this brick maker was Pieter Quackenbosch, he most likely did not settle in New York City but instead accompanied Johan de Hulter to Albany, then known as Beverwyck. The first mention of Pieter Quackenbosch in the Albany records occurs the following year, 1 December 1654, in the court minutes of Fort Orange and Beverwyck, where it stated that "Jan Gouw cut Piet Bout across the hand," evidently in the course of a fight.

Johan de Hulter established various businesses in Albany, including a brick kiln and a tile kiln, but died just several uears after his arrival. De Hulter probably put Pieter Quackenbosch in charge of the operation of the brick kiln, as evidenced by the following excerpt from the Fort Orange and Beverwyck court records of 29 May 1657:

"Pieter Bont, Plaintiff, against Pieter Boxboom, defendant.

The plaintiff says that the defendant is bound to burn brick for him for the period of ten months, exhibiting a contract made between Mr t'Hulter, deceased, and the defend.

The defendant on the other hand produces an absolute release from Madam Johanna, Widow of the said Mr De Hulter, deceased.

The court, having examined the contract and the release, adjudge that the defendant is released from his contract by virtue of the release."

Pieter is first mentioned as "Pieter Quackenbosch" in the court minutes of Fort Orange and Beverwyck on 20 August 1657, again as a plaintiff agains Pieter Bosboom. Still another complaint was filed against Bosboom on 8 Febuary 1658, this time by "Pieter Bout's wife."

n 7 November 1657, Johanna de Hulter announced her intention to sell at public auction her brick kiln, tile kiln, house, barn, pasture and other pieces of property apparently left to her by ber husband. The brick kiln was sold to the highest bidder, Adrian Jansen Van Ilpendam, for the sum of 1,100 guilders. At the same time, At the same time, Madame de Hulter also sold "at public sale, the house where Piet Bout dwills" to Aernoldus Van Curler for the sum of 740 guilders.

Pieter Quackenbosch probably continued to operate the brickyard for a number of years, despite its sale to Adriaen Ban Ilpendam. In 1668, Pieter purchased the brickyard from Van Ilpendam, as shown by the following deed:

"Appeared before us, undersigned, commissaried of Albany, etc., Adriaen Van Ilpendam, who declares that in true rights, free ownership, he grants, conveys and makes over to Pieter Quackenbos in the brickyard according to the fence thereabout set, lying here in the colony and by said Pieter Quackenbos occupied according to the right and ownership of the ground which he bought and paid for, of madame, the widow of the late Johan de Hulter, now wife of Jeronimus Ebbinck, according to release, of date the 20th of August 1664, on condition that said Quackenbos pay yearly a rent of two Carolus guilders to the Heer director of the colony according to the tenor of the contract therefor, of date the 11th of November 1657, to which reference is herein made; and therefore giving said Quackenbos, his heirs and successors or assigns, full power to dispose thereof as he might do with his patrimonial effects; also acknowledging that he is fully paid and satisfied therefor and therefore promising to protect and free the same from all trouble and claims as is right, and never more to do now suffer anything to be done against the same, in any manner, on pledge of this person and estate, nothing excepted, subject to all laws and judges.
Done in Albany the 21st July 1668. ADRIAEN VAN ILPENDAM"

Pieter Quackenbosch's wife, Maritje Ariens (Dochter), was also closely involved in the operation of the brickyard, as shown by her frequent appearance in the Albany court records in matters dealing wth its operation. The following Albany court record from the year 1684 illustrates her heavy involvement in the brick business:

The plaintiff's wife on behalf of her husband demands according to settlement of accounts 7 1/2 beavers for bfick delivered.

The defendant claims that she did not deliver the brick according to the agreement, having delivered soft brick among the gable brick. Also that he had to wait for brick, to his great loss, for which he demands damages.

The oath being deferred to the plaintiff;'s wife, she swears that according to the last settlement of accounts there was due to her 7 1/2 beavers.

The honorable court condemn the defendant to pay the plaintiff the sum of 7 1/2 beavers demanded, cum expensis." [This court record contradicts the assumption in the 1909 genealogy of the family that it was Maritje who died in 1682 when Pieter paid for the use of the large funeral pall.]

In 1683, "pr Quackebos" pledged two "pieces of 8" toward the annual salary of the Dominie [Minister] Godefridus Dellius. Immediately following Pieter's name are listed the names of Wouter Pieterse, Jan Pieterse and Reynier Pieterse, no doubt Pieter's three sons, shown using the patronymic. According to this record in the court minutes of Albany, they all lived "outside the North gate, up the river."

The fact that Pieter Quackenbosch and Pieter Bont were the same person is proven several years later when Pieter traded his house and pantile shed for a house in the city of Albany:

"Know all men whom it may concern that on the fourth day of the month of January 1686/1687, appeared before me, Jan Becker, notary public, Pieter Quackenbosch, residing near the city of Albany, in the colony of Renselaarswyck, of the one part, and Jacob van Vorst, residing in the city of Albany, of the other part, who declared that they had deliberately and amicably agreed about a matter of purchase and exchange, as follows. The aforesaid Quackenbosch declares that he has sold to and exchanged with the aforesaid van Vorst his house, pantile shed and land, as far as it belongs to him and is occupied and possessed by him, saving the lord's right (except a certain small parcel of land which belongs to Mr. Jan Hendryck Bruyn), and all that is fastened thereto by earth and nail nothing in the world excepted, but the burnt brick which at present are in the kiln shall belong to Quackenbosch. The aforesaid buildings and land stand and are situated in the colony of Renselaarswyck and are at present occupied by him; they will be delivered to the purchaser on the conditions hereinbefore written buring the ensuing month of March anno 1686/1687, provided and upon the express condition that the aforesaid van Vorst shall then also deliver to the grantor his unincumbered, saving the lord's right, with all that is fastened thereto by earth and nail, nothing in the world excepted, and in addition thereto twenty beavers or the falue theof in silver money; and they promise to deliver to each other a proper deed and to free each other from further claims, all without guile or deceit, for which they bind their respective persons and properties, present and future, without any exception, subjecting the same according to law. In witness of the truth they have signed and sealed this at the house of the aforesaid Quackenbosch, situated in the colony of Renselaarswyck, on the date above written, being in the second year of riegn of his Royal Majesty of Great Britain.

Pieter Bont
otherwise called Quackenbosch------------[seal]
This is X the mark of Jacob van Vorst------[seal]"
In 1669 and again in 1680, in court cases involving the operation of the brick kiln, a Pieter Quackenbosch is mentioned using patronymic, first as "Piter Piterse Quackenbos" and later as "Pieter Pieterse Quackeboss." Several family researchers in the past have assumed this Pieter was a son of Pieter the Immigrant. This researcher fails to find any evidence in the early New York records that Pieter the Immigrant had a son named Pieter, raising the possibility that this reference was to Pieter the Immigrant himself. If so, Pieter the Immigrant's father was also named Pieter Quackenbosch (or Pieter Bont).

Adriana Suydam Quackenbush, in her 1909 genealogy of the family, identifies the Immigrant Pieter Quackenbosch with the student Petrus Quackenbosh at the University of Groningen in 1695. This connecton, however, was made prior to the discovery that Pieter Quackenbosch also used the name of Pieter Bont and was in the New World as early as 1654.

The children assigned to Pieter the Immigrant in this genealogy vary womewhat from the children assigned to Pieter in the 1909 genealogy of the family. The primary reason for these differences also derives from thediscovery that Pieter the Immigrant was in New Netherland as early as 1654. We also know from the 1674 marriage record of Pieter's son Reynier that Reynier was born in Holland. An analysis of the families of the other children of Pieter the Immigrant suggests that Reynier was probably among the younger children of the family and therefore several of Pieter the Immigrant's children were probably vorn in Holland. Assuming that a child was born to Pieter and Maritje every few years, it is possible that they were married as early as 1640. Dutch men of that period married, on the average, at about the age of 26 and women at about the age of 23. Applying these averages to a marriage date of about 1640 implies that Pieter was born about 1614 and Maritje about 1617.

The birthdate for Maritje, wife of Pieter the Immigrant, of about 1617 means that she was approaching the end of her childbearing years by the mid 1660's. It is unlikely, therfore, that she was the mother of the sons Pieter and Adriaan listed in the 1909 genealogy of the family. It is far more likely that Pieter and Adriaan were her grandsons through her son Jan.

The naming of the children of Pieter and Adriaan (as well as the sponsors at the children's baptisms) also suggest that Pieter and adriaan were sons of Jan and Machteld (Post) Quackenbosch rather than of Pieter the Immigrant and his wife Maritje. Just as the patronymic system governed the use of second names in the early Dutch families, a similar system determined the first names of the children born to a Dutch family. Under this system, the first-born son was given the first name of the child's paternal grandfather. The second son was given the first name of the maternal grandfather. For the daughters, this pattern was reversed: the first-born daughter was given the name of the child's maternal grandmather and the second daughter the name of the paternal granmother. Under this system, successive children were given the names of their great grandparents. This naming sustem was reinforced by the Dutch Reformed Church, where the person whose name was given to the child usually served as the baptism sponsor. If this person could not be present at the baptism, a close relative was usualyy substituted.

It should also be noted that the three sons of Pieter the Immigrant as shown in this history of the famly reflect the age-old tradition of "three brothers who came from Holland" that is found in many early sources, including Jonathan Pearson's Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient County of Albany, rom 1630 to 1800 (1872).

REF: QFH&A, pp. 7-24; DSSAY, XXXIV-XXXV, p. 23; Documents Relative to the Colonial History of New York, E. B. O'Callaghan, 14:202; Minutes of the Court of Ft. Orange and Beverwyck, trans. A. J. F. van Laer, 1:191, 1:271, 2:38, 2:69, and 2:99; Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady, trans. A. J. F. van Laer, 1:77, 3:46m 3:373 and 3:378; Early Records of the City and County of Albany, and Colony of Rensselaerswyck, 1656-1675, Jonathan Pearson, 1869, 1:56-59 and 1:446; De Halve Maen, 45:9.


JOHANNES I PIETERSE QUACKENBOSCH, son of Pieter and Maritje Arienso, Born: ca. 1642, Oegstgeest, Zuid,Holland, Netherlands. Death: ca. 1720, Canastogione, Albany, New York.
Married: Magtelt Janse POST, 1667, Albany, New York, Born: 1650, Albany, New York, Died: 1698, Albany, New York, Father: Jans POST.

Children of Johannes and Magtelt (Post)Quackenbosch

1. [M] JOHANNES JR., B. Albany, New York.
Married: 20 October 1700, ANNA CLUTE, Albany, New York, DRC.

2. [M] ADRIAAN, B. Albany, Ny. DRC.
Married: 18 January 1699, CATRINA VAN SCHAYK, Albany, NY, DRC.

3. [F] MARITJE, b. Albany, NY.
Married: 3 November 1700, JACOB LUCASSE WUNGAARD, Albany, NY, DRC.

4. [F] CLAARTJE, B. Albany, NY.
Married: 3 November 1700, DIRK TAAKELSE HEEMSTRAAT, Albany, NY, DRC.

6. [F] GEERTRUY, B. 10 May 1684, Albany, NY, DRC, sp: Reinier Quackenbosch and Martje Pietersz.
Married: 30 December 1704, CLAES BERRITSE VAN VRANKEN, Schenectady, NY, DRC.

7. [F] MACHTELD, B. 13 Febuary 1687, Albany, Y, DRC, sp. Myndert H. Van den Bogaardt and Folkje Pietersz.
Married: JAN POST.

8. [M] ABRAHAM, B. 23 March 1690, Albany, DRC, sp. Myndert Harmensz and Regecca Douwe, Died: Infancy.

9. [M] ISAAC, B. 19 Febuary 1693, Albany, DRC, sp. Tryntje Rykman, Died: 1721 or later.

10. [M] JACOB, B. 17 November 1695, Albany, DRC, sp. Abram Schuyler and Geertruy Schuyler.
Married: 20 September 1719, GEERTRUY VAN DER WERKEN, Albany, DRC.

Johannes and his wife, Machteld Post, were listed as members of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, NY, in 1683. Not long thereafter, Johannes, along with his brother, Reynier, settled at Canastagione on the North bank of the Mohawk River. This settlement at Canastagione was made by seven men and their families: Johannes and Reynier Quackenbosch; Jean Forte, a Frenchman; Jean Rosie, another Frenchman often employed as an interpreter on the missions to Canada; Dirck Arentse Bratt; and the brothers Gerrit Ryckse and Maas Ryckse Van Vranken. Carved out of the wilderness, the seven farms were located in a row along the river, each having about the same frontage. The nearest neighbors were across the river, some three miles distant, and at Half oon, on the same side, about five miles to the east. The following deed records the transfer of the land from the Mohawk Indian Chiefs to Jan (or Johannes) and Reynier Quackenbosch:

"Know all men by these presents that we, the undersigned, Roode and Sagodiogquisax, both sachems of Cagnewage and Canagere, being also empowered to act for Thodorasse, declare that we have heretofore sold and granted a certain parcel of land of woodland, we are now inclined to convey, because we are old people and it may perhaps be a long time yet before we have a governor general in the land, owing to which unfortunate absence of the governor general no grant can now be had; therefore, we declare that we have sold, granted and conveyed as we hereby do sell, grant and convey to Rynier and Jan Quackenbos of their heirs, a certain parcel of woodland lying on the Kanistagajoensse River, beginning at the old marked black bark oak tree where Claes van Bockhoven's claim ends, which tree stands on the side of the aforesaid river, running thence from the river to another white bark oak tree which is marked with the wolf, standing near the dwelling of Jan Quackenbos aforesaid, being by estimation bout two thousand paces long and so far into the wooks northward as all the other neighbors have privilege; for which aforesaid parcel of woodland we acknowledge that we have been fully paid and satisfied, desiring therefore furthermore that when a governor general shall have arrived it may please his excellency to grant a patent for the aforesaid parcel of woodland to the aforesaid Reynier and Jan Quackenbos, or their heirs. In witness whereof we have subscribed this with our own hands and marks and sealed in Albany this 25th of September 1689.
Was signed:
The mark X of Roode, made with his hand
These marks X were X made by Sagodiogquisax with his own hand.
Signed and Sealed in presence of ---- pr. Schuyler, Justice
Signed and Sealed in presence of ---- Dirk Wessells, Justice
Recorded ye 4th September 1700."
In 1703, Jean Fort unsuccessfully petitioned the governor for a patent on the wild land behind his farm. Three years later the seven farmers entered into an agreement with colonel Peter Schuyler to secure a patent for the land lying bhind their farms and one mile in depth. In return, they agreed to pay Colonel Schuyler 50 pounds upon delivery of the patent. The patent was finally granted on 20 April 1708 and the next year the parties released to each other one-senenth of the whole.

Machteld Jans Post has been traditionally assumed to be the daughter of a an Post. This assumption is apparently derived from the baptism record of her son Isak, where she and her husband are listed as "an Quakkelbosch and Magtelt Jansz." It is possible that the "Jansz" after her name should have read "jans," meaning "belonging to Jan" (referring to her husband), rather than "daughter of Jan." Instead, it now appears that Machteld's parents were Captain Adriaen and Claartje (Moockers) Post, who came from the Hague in the Netherlands to Staten Island in 1650 and were among the founders of the Bergen Colony in 1655. They had also lived for a time in Brazil. If Machteld was their daughter, it is likely that she was born during their stay in Brsil. This theory of the parentage of Machteld Post is supported by the Dutch naming customs, where the first born children are named after their gtrandparents. If so, Jan and Machteld's son Adriaan was probably born before their son Johannes.

Johannes I and his son Johannes II, were listed as freeholders in Canastagione in 1720.

Ref: QFH&A, p. 29; Early Records of Albany, NY,2:363; Coloial New York-Philip Schuyler and his Family (1885), Vol. II, p. 370; Lists of Inhavitants of Colonial New York (1979), pp. 20-21; Bradt Family News, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 1-2

PIETER QUACKENBOSCH, son of Johannes and Machteld (Post) Quackenbosch.
b. Albany New York. Death: 20 July 1748.
Married: NEELTJE MARINUS, daughter of David and Rachel Hanse (Toll) Marinus of Schenectady, b. Schenectady, New York. Death and Burial: 1 Febuary 1757.

children of Pieter and Neelte (Marinus)Quackenbosch

1. [M] DAVID, bp. 21 June 1702, Albany DRC, sp. Dirk and Claartje Van Heemstrate.
Married: 11 May 1723, Albany DRC, ANNA SCOTT.

2. [M] ABRAHAM, bp. 19 November 1704, Albany DRC, sp. Jan and Machtel Quakkenbosch. Death: Infancy.

3. [F] MAGDALENE (or MACHTELT), bp. 30 December 1708, Alvany Drc, sp Jan and Machtlt Quakkenbosch.
Married: 31 December 1727, Scheccectady, JOHANNES COLYER.

4. [M] ABRAHAM,bp. 19 September 1708, Albany DRC, Pieter Rykman and Caatje Quackenbos.

5. [M] PETER JR., b. ca. 1710,
Married: Sarah Conyn, B: 9 Oct 1715, Daughter of Peter and Alida (Dewandelaer) Conyn.

6. [M] JEREMIAS, bp. 26 October 1713, Albany DRC, sp. Joannes Visscher and Geertruy.

7. [F] RACHEL,bp. 22 Janusry 1716, Albany DRC, sp. Wynant WanderPoel and Neeltie Ten Eik.
Married: 25 October 1742, Queen Anne Chaple, JACOB VAN ALEN.

8. [M] JOHANNES,bp. 15 March 1718, Schenectady DRC, sp. Cobes and Jacomientien Van Dyk.

9. [F] GEERTRUIT, bp. 17 July 1720, Schenectady DRC, sp. Claes Van Franken and Nieltien Tol.
Married: {probably} Abraham Van Alstyne.

CHILDREN of Peter Jr. and Sarah Conyn
1.(F) Neeltie QUACKENBUSH, Born: 15 JUL 1739, Died: 22 AUG 1829,
Married: Hunter QUACKENBOSS.

2.(F) Alida QUACKENBUSH, Born: 12 OCT 1740,
Married: 5 JUN 1761, Albany, NY, Wouter N. GROESBEEK.

3.(F) Anneje QUACKENBUSH, Born: 25 OCT 1742,
Married: 25 SEP 1761, Stone, Arabia, Martin J. VAN ALSTYNE.

4.(M) Peiter III QUACKENBUSH, Born: 8 JUN 1744,
Married: 9 MAR 1767, Stone Arabia DRC, Lena LENNERSTEIN.

5.(M) Myndert W. QUACKENBUSH, Born: 1 OCT 1746,
Married: MAR 1774, Fonda, Montgomery Count, NY, Maria VROOMAN.

6.(M) Abraham QUACKENBUSH, Born: 28 FEB 1746/47,
Married: 2 APR 1770, Stone, Arabia, Annatje VAN DEUSEN.

7.(M) David QUACKENBUSH, Born: 2 FEB 1750,
Married: APR 1775, Fonda, Montgomery County, NY, Catharine TERWILLIGER.

8.Catharine QUACKENBUSH, Born: 3 APR 1753,
Married: 11 APR 1784, Amaziah Jr. RUST.
Peter was listed as a Freeholder in Schenectady in 1720. He settled on Scott's Patent agout 1722, not long after it was secured by Captain Scott, and occupied the old Leslie Auries place on Auries Creek, Wesr of Fort Hunter.

Red: QFH&A, p. 35; Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York (1979), p. 19.

"David, son of, pieter Quakkenboxch and Machteld Quackenbosch, did not make advances on any of his accounts. He had not presumed on any advantageous matches; but his fortune and happineww was secure. His son John, born about the year 1725, was the first white child born on the South side of the Mohawk - West of Fort Hunter, and East of the German settlements some distance above."

After David and Anna settled on Scott's Patent where David carried on the family tradition of brick making. Their sons also worked in the brick business, as shown by a bill presented by David to Sir William Johnson in 1769. The statement, for a total of 45 pounds, itemizes the labor and materials required by David and his sons, Abraham, Peter D., John Scott and Jeremiah to produce bricks in Sir William Johnson's kiln and later to lay the bricks.

David and Anna are last mentioned in the church records on 31 May 1773, when they served as sponsors at the Fonda Reformed Church for the baptism of their grand-nephew, Abram Van Alstyne, son of Martin and Annatje (Quackenboss) Van Alstyne.

Ref: QFH&A, p. 46; Sir William Johnson Papers, Vol. 7, p. 312; Frontiersmen of New York (1882), Jeptha Simms, Vol. 1, p. 198.


JOHANNES II. QUACKENBOSCH, son of Johannes and Machteld (Post) Quackenbosch. Married: 20 October 1700, Albany DRC, ANNA CLUTE, daughter of Johannes and Bata (VanSlichtenhorst) Clute, of Niskayuna, Schenectady county , N. Y. Anna born abt.1680 Albany, Albany, N.Y.Johannes married Bata about 1680 in New York, He died 26th of Nov. 1725 Niskayuna, N. Y. Schenectady County.

Children of Johannes II. and Anna (Clute) Quackenbush

1. [M] JOHANNES III, bp. 4 January 1702, Schenectady, DRC, sp., Married: #1. 1731, Schenectady DRC, HELENA CLUTE, bapt. in Schenectady DRC records. as June 26,1709, died by 1755, daughter of Frederick Clute and Francytje (Du Monds) Clute, from Esopus, Ulster county N.Y. in 1703 up to Niskayuna, county of Schenectady.
Married: #2. 12 Febuary 1755, Schenectady DRC, HELENA VAN OLINDA.


ABRAHAM QUACKENBOSS, son of Pieter and Neetje (Marinus) Quakkenbosch, bp. 19 September 1708, Albany DRC.
Married: MARIA BOWEN, probably daughter of William and Rachel (Van Rotterdam) Bowen.

Children of Abraham and Maria Quackenosch

1. [M] WILLIAM a, b. ca.1732.
Married: 29 May 1763, Stone Arabia DRC, CATHARINA VAN ALSTUNE.

2. [F] NEETJE, b. ca. 1732.

3. [F] RACHEL, bp. 4 June 1738, Queen Anne Chapel, sp. Colonial Bowen, Engiltie Hansen and Susan Bowen.


Abraham and Maria were admitted to the Fonda DRC by confession offaith 21 December 1771 and Abraham was chosen as a deacon 1 January 1773.

Ref: Records of the Fonda DRC (in the Vosburgh collection.

PETER JR. QUACKENBOSS, son of Pieter and Neetje (Marinus) Quakkenbosch, b. ca. 1710, d. ca. 1774.
Married: SARAH CONYNE, daughter of Pieter and Alida (DeWandelaer) Conyne, bp. 9 October 1715, Albany DRC, d. ca. 27 April 1791.

Children of Peter and Sarah (Conyne) Quackenbosch

1. [F] NEELTJE, bp. 15 July 1739, Queen Anne Chapel, sp. Jeremiah Quackenbus, Madeline Collier and Rachel Quackenbus.
Married: Hunter Quackenboss.


WILLIAM A. QUACKENBOSS, son of Abrahem and Maria (Bowen) Quackenboss, b. ca. 1732, d. 20 October 1817, Town of Charleston, Montgomery County, New York.
Married: 29 May 1763, Stone Arabia DRC, CATHARINA VAN ALSTYNE, daughter of Johannes and Catharina (Schremling) Van Alstyne, d. 17 September 1802.

Children of William a. and Catharina (van Alstyne) Quackenbosch

1. [F] MARIA, bp.1758, Fonda DRC, sp. Gerrit Cornelisse Niewkerk and Neeltje Newkerk.
Married: #1. 1781, Hendrick Putman.
Married: #2. Peter H. MaCabee.
2. [M] JOHN W.,b. 9 October 1769
Married: #1. 11 March 1790, Fonda, NY., DRC, ALUCHE VAN DERVEER.
Married: #2. ANN -?- .

3. [F] RACHEL, b. 25 March 1772 {per tombstone}, d. 5 August 1839.

4. [M] JACOB, b. 15 April 1772, bp. 25 May 1772, Fonda DRC, sp Isaac and Rachel Collier.
5. [M] ABRAM, b. 8 January 1775, bp. 8 January 1775, Fonda DRC, sp. Abram and Meritje Quack.

6. [M] PETER W., b. 4 June 1777, bp. 22 June 1777, Fonda DRC, sp. Vincent and Jannetje Quackinbus.
Married 13 March 1799, MARY SEARLES, Fonda DRC.

7. [F] CATHARINE, b. 21 October 1780.
Married: 15 December 1799, HENRY N. GARDINIER, Fonda DRC.

8. [M] WILLIAM W., b. ca 1789, Montgomery County, NY.
Married: #1. 30 June 1805, HULDA ASTON, in Glen DRC, NY.
Married: #2. MARY ALLEN, in Johnstown, NY.

9. [M] CORNELIUS W., b. ca. 1789, Montgonery County, NY.
Married: September 1809, THODA CARLEY, in Johnstown, NY.

WILLIAM QUACKENBOSS was a farmer in what is now Montgomery County, New York. He probably served several terms of duty in Colonel Frederick Fisher's Third [Mohawk] Battalion of the Tryon County Militia during the Revolutionary War. William is shown at various times in Captain Jacob Gardinier's First Company in Captain John Fisher'a Fourth Company and in Captain Emanuel Defraff's Seventh Company, all of the 3rd Battalion.

In his will dated 4 March 1815, William mentions his three sons John, Peter and Cornelius, his daughters Maria, Rachel and Catharine, and his grandchildren William Putman, Cornelius Putman, Margaret Putman and Eliabeth Sternbergh. wife of Jacob F. Sternbergh. The inventory of his estate in 1818 lists a variety of notes payable to William, including notes from Hendrick Vanderver and Henry N. Gardinear. William and Catharina are buried at the Florida Graveyard, Minaville, New York.

Because no baptism for William has been found, there is no proof that he was the son of Abraham and Maria (Bowen) Quackemboss #113. Hoever, William's middle initial of A indicates that his father was named Agraham and the only Abraham Quackenboss in the Mohawk Balley during the early 1700's was Abraham #113.

REF: Will of William Quackenboss, probated 21 January 1818, Montgomery County, New York in the Revolution (1887), p. 451; New York DAR Bible Records, Volume 11, p. 119; DAR Line 118831; 1790 Census, T. of Mahawk, Montgomery County, New York; 1800 Census, T. of Florida, Montgomery County, New York.(possibly living with son John W. Quackenboss)


PETER W. QUACKENBUSH, son of William A. and Catharina (van Alstyne) Quackenboss, b. 4 June 1777, bp. 22 June 1777, Fonda DRC, Fonda, New York, d. 18 Febuary 1854.
Married: 13 March 1799, Fonda DRC, MARY SEARLES, b. 20 January 1776, d. 15 July 1858. Both Bur: Old part of Green Hill Cemetery, Law. Co. IN.
Children of Peter w. and Mary (Searles) Quackenbush
1. [M] JOHN, b. 17 February 1800, bp. Fonda DRC, Fonda,New York.
Married: 3 May 1826, Lawrence County, Indiana, SARAH (SALLY)FOOTE, daughter of John Foote, Buried: at Footes Tomb, off of East 16th Street, Bedford, Indiana. John Foote Sr. thought so much of his horse and dog, that he had them buried whith him.

2. [F] CATY, b. 17 February 1800, bp. Fonda DRC, sp. Catrena Quackenboss,
Married: 6 April 1820, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, JOHN FOOTE JR., son of John Foote Sr.
REF: Lawrence County, Recorders Office, Court House Records, Bedford, Indiana.

3. [M] HENDRICK, b. 9 September 1806, Fonda DRC, Fonda, New York.
Married: #1. 12 September 1826, MARY SULLIVAN, Lawrencre County, Bedford, Indiana.
REF: Lawrence County, Court House Records Office, Bedford, IN.
Married: #2. 5 October 1851, NANCY ERWIN, Lawrence County, Indiana.

4. [F] LYDIA,b. 15 July 1805, Fonda DRC, Fonda, New York.
Married: 2 January 1826 JACOB, HUFF, REF: Lawrence County Court House Records Office, Bedford, Indiana.
5. [M] WILLIAM, d. Drowned, Youth.

6. [F] MARIAH, b. 8 October 1809, Fonda DRC, Fonda, New York.
Married: 24 March 1825, WILLIAM SULLIVAN,REF: Records, Lawrence County, Court House, Bedford, Indiana.

7. [F] RACHEL, Married: -?- Ridge.

8. [F] JANE, b. 1813, Fonda DRC, Fonda, New York
Married #1: 4 July 1829,
STEPHEN RICHARDSON, REF: Lawrence County, Court House Records, Bedford, Indiana, Married #2. Austin ____.

9. [F] HARRIET, b. ca. 1818, New York. Not mentioned in family records.

10. [F] HANNAH, b. ca. 1820, New York, never married.

11. [M] EBENEZER, b. ca. 1822, Fonda DRC, Fonda. New York. Unmarried.

Peter and Mary went to Indiana in 1819, probably with several members of the Searles Family.

REF: Records of Willa Mearl (Quackenbush) Taylor and Arlis Deanna (Taylor) Deckard, Bedford, Indiana; 1810 Census, T. of Charleston, Montgomery, County, New York; 1830 and 1840 Census of Lawrence County, Indiana; 1850 and 1860 Census of Shawswick Township, Lawrence County Court House, Bedford, Indiana.


[M] HENDRICK (HARRY}, son of Peter W. and Mary (Searles) Quackenbush, b. 9 September 1806, Fonda DRC, Fonda, New York, Came to Indiana in 1816, d. 16 October 1872, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana. Burial: Shilou Cemetety (Also called New Union Cemetery), Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: #1. 12 September 1826, MARY POLLY SULLIVAN, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana. d.1842.
Married: #2. 5 October 1851, NANCY ERWIN, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, b. ca. 1822, Indiana, d. 19 september 1884.

Children of Hendrick {Henry} Mary (Sullivan) Quackenbush.
Henrick (Harry) Quackenbush

1. [F] ALFRED, b. 7 March 1828, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, D: 5 Jan 1900.
Married: #1. 25 April 1861, JULIA DUSARD, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: #2. 30 December 1880, NETTIE CHRISTINE (LACKEY) TRUEBLOOD, Laerence County, Bedford, Indiana.

2. [M] URIAL, b. 4 December 1829, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, 16 Nov 1919.
Married: 22 October 1854, MARY E. LUDASKE POTTER, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

3. [M] WILLIAM, b. 14 Febuary 1832, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, D: 15 Apr 1905.
Married: 10 September 1857, CATHERINE TONEY, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

4. [F] SAMANTHA, b. 29 December 1833, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana,
Married: 2 March 1854, CONRAD KUCHEL, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

5. [M] HENRY, b. 17 December 1836, Lawence County, BEdford, Indiana, D: 16 May 1914.
Married: #1. 17 September 1857, LUDIKIE POTTER, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: #2. SARAH FUNK.

6. [M] EBENEZER, b. 9 Febuary 1838, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, 10 Apr 1895.
Married: 19 January 1865, JULIETTA BOYD, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, daughter of William and Lucinda (Evans) Boyd, b. 13 December 1847, Lawrence, County, Bedford, Indiana, d. 22 June 1912, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Both buried: Shilou Cemetery, Lawrence County, West of Bedford, Indiana.
7. [F] RACHEL, b.,d., Infant.

REF: Marriage and Birth Records, Court House, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

Children of Henry and Nancy (Erwin) Quackenbush

1. [M] ALONZO, b. 17 August 1852, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 31 October 1873, CYNTHIA C. OWEN, Greene County, Indiana.
2. [F] MARY , b. 2 Aug 1854, d. 4 May 1932, unmarried.
3. [F] SARAH, b. 6 February 1856.
4. [F] MINERVA, b. 23 April 1858, d. 20 April 1901.
5. [M] MATHEW, b. 8 January 1860.
Married: #1. 12 Febuary 1882, Greene County, Indiana.
Married: #2. 5 March 1903, MARY MCFERRIN, Greene County, Indiana.
6. [M] ALBERT, b. 9 March 1863, d. 21 July 1878.
7. [F] SUSAN, b. 18 June 1865, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 18 June 1890, MARSHALL REID, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

REF: Records of Willa Mearl (Quackenbush) Taylor and Arlis Deanna (Taylor) Deckard, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana; 1830 and 1840 Census of Shaswick Township, Perry Township, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana; 1850 and 1860 Census of Indian Towenship, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana. Also the handwriting of Hendrick and Julietta (Boyd) Quackenbush in the Family Bible, then passed down to Ebenezer and Mary (Sullivan) Quackenbush, all other entries are by the hand of Ebenezer or Julietta (Boyd) Quackenbush.


EBENEZER QUACKENBUSH, son of Hendrick and Mary (Sullivan) Quackenbush, b. 9 February 1838, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, d. 10 April 1895, Shilou Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: by L. D. Kenn, MG., 19 January 1865, JULIETTA BOYD, daughter of William and Lucinda (Evans) Boyd; b. 13 December 1847, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana. d. 22 June 1912, Shilou Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

Children of Ebenezer and Julietta (Boyd) Quackenbush

1. [M] WILLIAM ABRAHAM., b. 5 December, 1865, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 1898 SARAH

ELIZABETH (Bessie) WILLIAMS. Lawrence County, 5 Children.
2. [F] ORA ALICE, b. 1 June 1872, d. 1 September 1897,
Married: 1 January 1897, RAIRDEN OWENS, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

3. [M] EDWARD ARTHUR, b. 22 December 1874, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana,
Married: 7 Septmenber 1898, MINNIE PEARl EAGAN, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, 7 Children.

4. [F] BERTHA ELIZABETH., b. 5 May 1878, d. 15 May 1902, Suicide. Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana. Never Married. Bertha had one Child: EULALIA. Reigar A. and wife Gladys I. (Parker) Quackenbush, raised EULAIA.

5. [M] HERSCHEL GARFIELD, b. 6 October 1881, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 20 September 1900, MAUDE S. KERN, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, 3 children.

6. [F] CLONNIE ELIZABETH., 26 January 1885, d. 8 September 1909. Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 15 May 1905, JESSIE INMAN, Lawrence County, Bedord, Indiana.

7. [M] REUGAR ABRAHAM, b. 23 September 1887, d. 2 September 1972, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 30 September 1913, GLADYS I. PARKER. Reugar and Gladys adopted Eulalia, the daughter of his deceased sister, Bertha E. Reugar and Gladys had no other Children.

8. [M] RALEIGH MERRIL, b. 19 October 1891, d. 2 November 1963, Greenhill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: #1. 3 December 1911, ESSIE VERENA HAWKINS, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, daughter of Elias Jackson and Mary Elizabeth (Lewis) Hawkins, b. 3 October 1889, d. 12 January 1948, Greenhill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana. Married: #2. 1995, Eula Hurt, Lawrence, County, Bedford, Indiana.

Ebenezer enlisted as a private in Company D of the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry on 1 September 1861. On 17 September 1862 at Antietam, Maryland, he received a musket ball wound to the left side of his head. He eventually recovered, served his three year term, and was discharged 1 September 1864 at Atlanta, Georgia. In 1879 Ebenezer filed an invalid pension claim based on his earlier war injury. At that time, his personal description was given as: dark complextion, dark hair, blue eyes, occupation of farmer. Refer to the Quackenbush Pictures I have scanned of a chaulk drawing of 2 tin type pictures, there is a link at the end of this page.

REF: Records of Willa Mearl (Quackenbush) Taylor and Arlis Deanna (Taylor) Deckard, Lawrence County, Bedford,Indiana; Civil War pension file of Ebenezer Quackenbush; 1870 Census of Shawswick Township, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana; 1880 Census and 1900 Soundex of Indian Creek Township, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

ALONZO QUACKENBUSH, son of Henry and Nancy (Erwin) Quackenbush, b. 17 August 1852,
Married: 31 October 1873, CYNTHIA C. OWEN, Greene County, Indiana, b. May 1856, New Berry, Indiana.

Children of Alonzo and Cynthia (Owen)Quackenbush
1. [M] BENJAMIN EVERETT, b. 24 July 1877, New Berry, Indiana.
Married: 20 June 1907, ESSIE IRENE RECTOR, Virgo County, Indiana.
2. [F] ELULA, b. November 1879.


RALEIGH MERRIL QUACKENBUSH, son of Ebenerzer and Julietta (Boyd)

Quackenbush, b. 19 October 1891, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, d. 2 November 1963, Greenhill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: #1. 3 December 1911,

ESSIE VERENA HAWKINS, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, daughter of Elias Jackson and Mary Elizabeth (Lewis) Hawkins, b. 3 October 1889, Law. Co., Bedford, Indiana, d. 12 January 1948, Greenhill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: #2. 1950, Eula Hurt.

Children of Raleigh and Essie (Hawkins) Quackenbush

Two Children died as infants.

1. [F] WILLA MEARL, b. 28 July 1912, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, d. 2 October 1986, Greenhill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 28 July 1938, EVERETT JAMES TAYLOR, son of Clotis and Nellie (McBride) Taylor, Baptist Church Rectory on M Steet, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, b. 16 August 1915, Lawrence County, Mitchell, Indiana, d. 6 May 1999, Greenhill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

2. [M] ARNOLD WHAYNE, b. 14 September 1916, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, d. 2 July 1982, Yuma, Arizona, Burial: Greenhill Cemetery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 1938, Doris Ham, Died Burial in Green Hill Cemetery 1 Child, Dane, b. Connersville, Indiana.

3. [M] RALEIGH WARREN, b. 30 January 1919, Monroe County, Paragon, Indiana, d. 1 July 1979, Greenhill Cemtery, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: #1. Dorothy Thomas.
Married: #2. Dorothy Mears, 3 Children, Patricia, Beth, Carol.

4. [F] TWANETTE ELIZABETH, b. 10 November 1920, d. 15 April 1980, Buried: Cresthaven Cemetery, Lawrence County, Mitchell, Indiana.
Married: 1940, WENDELL FISH, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, b. 1911, d. 1998, Burial, Memory Gardens, Lawrence Conty, Mitchell, Indiana.

5. [M] DORT RANDELL, b. 9 January 1924, Monroe County, Bloomington, Indiana, d. 1992, Cremated, Austin, Texas.
Married: #1. Myra Robertson, 1 Child, Ruth Ann (Quackenbush) Meyer.
Married: #2. Betty Thompson, 1 Child, Jerry.
Married: #3. Martha Miller, 2 Children, Jenny, Mike.

REF: Records of Willia Mearl (Quackenbush) Taylor and Arlis Deanna (Taylor) Deckard.

Married: MARGRET J. SIMS, 1 Child, Gerald L., b. 4 May 1913, Greene County, Indiana.

REF: Vital statistics of Green County Court House, Indiana.

ROSCOE E. QUACKENBUSH, b. ? d. 18 August 1909, Greene County, Lyons, Indiana.
Married: EVA LONG, b. ca 1886, d. 20 June 1907, Greene County, Lyons, Indiana, 2 Children, a son, b. 19 August 1907, Greene County, another son, Mark, b. 2 October 1908, Greene County.

REF: Census 1900, Census 1910, Vital statistics of Greene County, Indiana.

WILLA MEARL QUACKENBUSH, b. 28 July 1912, d. 2 October 1986,
Married: 2 July 1938, EVERETT JAMES TAYLOR, b. 16 August, 1915, d. 6 May 1999.

Children of Everett and Willa (Quackenbush) Taylor

1. [M] EVERETT RODNEY TAYLOR, b. 11 April 1941, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 1 August 1961, DINAH LYNN NEWGENT, b. November 1942, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.

2. [F] ARLIS DEANNA, b. 25 November, 1945, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana.
Married: 21 October 1962, JOHN LARRY DECKARD, Lawrence County, Bedford, Indiana, b. 24 March 1942, Clark County, Jeffersonville, Indiana

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I spent 35 years without a birth record and finally in 2001 traced/tracked down my records. In all the research I have done other than my birth record the only mention of my birth name is from 01/30/1968 in an obit. in the chicago tribune which I can not access so here I sit trying to find someone who knew Robin QUackenbush born 08/31/1966 that can clue me in as to who I am and where I belong in this family tree as I seem to have landed on the ground without the feathers to fly.
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