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Updated Oct 29, 2018


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Katy McMillen
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Katy McMillen commented
Samuel and Dicey (Rolls)Queen reportedly married in Rutherford County, North Carolina, February 21, 1783. On Queen--List we determined these children for #I. Samuel were: 1)Henson Queen born ca.1784;2)[space here-child?]; 3)Sallie b.ca. 1790--1837;4)William Brown?Queen b.1796-1887; 5)Harmon Queen b.1800-before 1850;6)John R. Queen b.ca.1803; 7)Lewis b. 1805 ; 8)Nancy b. 1850??? [I propose that the possible child in the vacant space #2 might have been Reuben Queen, b.1786-ca.1863, who married Mary Catherine Butler and they had 10 children in North Carolina and Tennessee; and moved on to Carroll Co ARK, then Williamson Co. TX.] Family connections include:2)Dawson 3)Broom; 4)Nicholson; 5)Brock;6)Coward; 7)Palmer; 8)Carson. 6)John R. Queen's son John Lewis "Luke" married Lucinda Brown. Did you see John Helms' portrait of the two old brothers John R.(6)and Lewis Queen (7)? Were the Sam P.Carsons(8) kin to Kit Carson?
We believe #I Samuel Queen (1759-1842)was son of Old William.
Nov 11, 2005 · Reply

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