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Updated Jun 15, 2021


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Patricia Wadman commented
My grandfather, John Rainey was aborn March 26, 1884 at Straid, Ahogill, County Antrim, Ballymena. He had 8 brothers and sisters. His parents were Anthony Rainey and Jane McCartney. When I visited Ireland in 1964 he used to tell me little stories about growing up, but alas I have forgotten most of it. He did run the Barber Shop on High Street in Antrim and He lived at 13 Bourlon Rd, Antrim. My grandmother was Mary Kernoghan born Aug. 28, 1886 in Cullybackey, Craigs, County Antrim, Ahogill, Ballymena. Would appreciate any information to add to this. My mother did have a few old pictures and I will try to locate them on my next visit.
Dec 01, 2002  ·  Reply
Fiona Ramsey commented
Anthony Alexander Rainey was my great-grandfather. He was born on 1st October 1898 and lived in Straid, Ahoghill. He had four brothers and three sisters: Alex, William, John (aka Jack), James (aka Jim), Elizabeth, Rose and Jane. (aka Jeannie) Anthony was the youngest of the children. His parents Anthony Rainey and Jane McCartney were married in Wellington St. Presb. Church on August 13, 1880. When Anthony was 15, he joined the North Irish Horse Regiment and was posted to France. He was later captured and sent to Merseburg Prisoner of war camp Germany. He was finally released in 1918. He married Georgina Cameron and they had six children. (5 boys and 1 girl)Sadly Anthony died in 1981. I am trying to trace the Rainey Family, as I have long-lost relatives in Canada and America. John Rainey moved to Canada in 1927 and Jim's son James has moved to America. Elizabeth Rainey msrried Charles Millar and William Rainey married Martha McGall. If anyone has any more information about these people, please, please contact me. I also have a lot of photographs of the Rainey family, Jane McCartney and the Millars- which I will be posting shortly.
Aug 18, 2005  ·  Reply
Brad Livermore commented
I have my wife's family (Rainey) Back to the year of our Lord 1565, if anyone is interested. Contact me at [contact link]
May 17, 2009  ·  Reply
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