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Ramage Last Name History & Origin

Updated Nov 05, 2022


While one member of the family believes that the family originated in France, the Ramage family can now be found in Scotland, England, Ireland, France and the United States. Many famous members of the Ramage family may be found in the "Famous people named Ramage" section below.  The surname "Ramage" probably refers to the wild nature of a hawk. The complete history of the Ramage family has yet to be shared on this page.


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Name Origin

Ramage is a very old surname.  The word "ramage",  as used in day to day conversation before 1100 A.D.,  was used to describe a hawk.  According to the Oxford English dictionary it is a word from the old French meaning wilderness, High spirited, and courage, as in a ramage hawk. In the twelfth century, it had come to mean collective branches of a tree or the song or cry of birds. There are also many references to hawks.  As in having left the nest and begun to fly from branch to branch, hence wild untamed, shy.  When used in reference to animals, wild untamed, unruly violent.

Spellings & Pronunciations

The most common variations of the surname Ramage are Rammage, Ramadge, Rammages, Rammadges and Ramages.  The name is probably French in origin. 

Nationality & Ethnicity

Ramage families can be found in Scotland, England, Ireland, France and the United States.

Famous People named Ramage

Some famous members of the Ramage family:

Mary Ramage Dillard, Revolutionary war heroine.
Captain William Ramage of the Royal Navy 1780-1828.
Lawson Patterson Ramage USN commander of submarines in WWII and medal of honor recipient.
John Ramage (Red Coat), colonist and miniature painter before and after the revolutionary war.
Lt. Commander Robert W. Ramage US Steel Executive and Naval Aviator. 
Adam Ramage, the inventor of the 18th century Ramage Printing Press.
James Ramage New England Industrialist and owner of the James Ramage Paper Company in Massachusettes.


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The average age of a Ramage family member is 70.0 years old according to our database of 1,775 people with the last name Ramage that have a birth and death date listed.


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Lusha Hood commented on Mar 04, 2021
Hello, I'm a brocanteaur in South West France, I have come across a very old pewter jug, it is signed on the bottom in a hand scrawled single line 'Ramage Paul' there is also a single line drawing of a face underneath the signature. I think that this was probably hand made and signed by the maker, items not produced in volume were rarely stamped - I'm estimating that this particular jug dates to late 1700's. I think it's an interesting addition to this family history. If anyone want photos of the jug and signature, please contact me on [contact link]
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