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My maternal grandmother was a Redmond. A school teacher in Tripp County South Dakota, she died in her 70s in 1972. She had married a Dwell, who during the depression years and afterwards owned a department store in Winner, SD. Her daughter was my mother, she married to Thomson B. Woods II, an OD and WWII veteran, moved to Winterset IA, later to Oklahoma. I'd be happy to hear from any family, Tom
Oct 26, 2008 · Reply
My paternal grandmother met my grandfather (Vernon Abbott Redmond) in Windsor, Ontario, I guess in the 1930's. Grandfather Redmond came to Ontario from North Dakota. In Ontario he worked for Walker Metals, which was a subsidiary of Chrysler.

I just looked at some old documents which list Vernon Abbott Redmond's father as Francis James Redmond with an address in Lethbridge Alberta, also a Margaret Redmond at the same address (mother? Sister?).

Also, I have some old newspaper clippings which refer to a Nellie Redmond (nee Nellie Kingsbury) married to E.J. Redmond, "the popular and accommodating agent for the Northern Pacific at Leeds". The Kingsburys moved to Leeds in 1887. A google search of "Northern Pacific at Leeds" brought up the following link, putting Leeds in North Dakota, Benson County.
[external link]

A newspaper clipping mentions the early death of Nellie Redmond, who left behind two children, as well as her husband (E.J. Redmond). Perhaps one of the children was Francis James Redmond, who would be my great-grandfather.
Jan 30, 2009 · Reply