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Updated Feb 01, 2021


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Tipton Hamilton commented
My current last name is Hamilton. I was born in Yellville,Arkansas in the year 1960. My Father changed are last name after WWII from Reich to Hamilton. My Father was a Bomber Pilot in the 455th I think.He was in other units I am sure,he liked to move around.My Fathers birth name is Mckinley O'Neil Reich.He may have went by Dan Reich or O'Neil Reich.He went by a nick name called Boxcar.I also know that he boxed for the Army Air Corps.I am not sure of his Glove Title. I am looking for anyone who might have known him or who might have served with him.He was born 10-22-20 in Winston-Salem,NC.He is currently living in Mountain Home,Arkansas.Just to do the math for everyone that makes him 88yrs. old.Iam also looking for Military records on him.His time may be short,so I am trying to get things ready for his passing on. I need information for the V.A.. I am the yongest son of his last marriage,Which he is devorsed from. Thank You for listening.
Nov 07, 2008  ·  Reply
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