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Daughter of Martha Unica CONDLEY and Elisha Thomas RHEA:


A MARRIAGE AFTER A CHANGE OF PROGRAM: Warsaw got to the front, last Tuesday, in regard to things matrimonial, as will be understood by reading the following dispatch:

Last Sunday evening, the pastor of the Warsaw Christian Church announced to a large congregation that on Tuesday evening, February 7, he would unite in marriage, in the church, W.Y. Wilson and Miss Ida Rhea. The couple were present, the prospective bride being the accomplished organist of the church, and they withstood the directed gaze of the audience with a composure that might have been envied by many older persons who had been veterans in the bonds of matrimony. Mr. Wilson is the son of Dr. Wilson of Warsaw, a practicing physician well and favorably known in Benton and St. Clair Counties.

Miss Rhea is the eldest daughter of E.T. Rhea, late Circuit clerk and recorder of Benton County. The young folks have been known as lovers for three or four years and there could be no objection to the marriage by relatives and friends, except the youthfulness of the couple, young Wilson being only 19 and Miss Rhea, 17 years of age. The social world of Warsaw were on the qui vive to attend the ceremony and a supper was to have been given at the residence of the bride's parents immediately after the marriage ceremony at the church. A large number of young folks had been invited and they were preparing costumes for themselves and getting presents for the happy bride. Alas, however, there were rumors after the announcement that there was possibility of a break in the arrangements, but yet it seems impossible that the program would not be carried out, as the most elaborate preparations had been made for the event in the way of handsome toilets, etc.

At 11:40 this forenoon, the public was surprised to learn that Fred H. Petts, eldest son of Capt. N.B. Petts, late collector of this county and at present the popular and efficient deputy, and Miss Rhea, had been married at the residence of the bride's parents, and, in a carriage, had disappeared over the hills and were far away. It is known that the change was caused solely by the variant in the youthful affections of the bride and it si to be hoped that whatever may be the individual disappointment, that all end well and that all parties can be congratulated. All the families mentioned as well as the young folks, are leaders in society as well as church affairs. (from the Enterprise February 24, 1888)

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