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I am the great,great grandaughter of Silas H Bates. I have been trying to research more about the family,I was born in Limestone county Texas,My 3rd great grandfather was Seth H Bates & the fourth Uzal Bates. They came to Texas inabout 1833 with Parker's, Plummer's etc.,They were their when Cynthia Ann Parker was captured,they help build Ft. Parker,develop this country and land there,and My grandfather went on the search for her the day Cynthina ann was captured. My question is I'm trying to find who my great grandfather was? I know my grandmoter was emeline bates,and my grandmother was ortha parthina bates.I can stll see the pictures of Silas in my aunts house(who is now in a nursing home) The pictures of Silas and my great,great gramother and the pitures of the davis's where taken out of the ft.because they where afraid they would get ruined.There are some like them in the museum in Groesbeck.How dow do I find out who my greatgrandfather was?I've taken it all the way back to kings and queens.But still unable to find info. on ortha's mother and father(which she was my grandmother)My Mother was a bates(margaretpesnell)
Jun 11, 2008 · Reply