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Updated Apr 16, 2022


Sitton originated in 1636 when Theron Sutton immigrated to Massachusetts from England. Most of us Sittons know this history, though no one knows why the name was changed. Every generation, at least one male Sitton would migrate south, state by state. One clan from SC (my state) moved to Texas and began a large family. Others went west, as they ventured down the East Coast, with some settling in TN, others in Missouri, and a large clan developed in the Oregon-Washington states.


Theron Sitton (Sutton) was an only child in England. After his British Sutton parents died, their entire estate went to The Bank of England, where we descendents have a literal fortune. Two NYC Sitton attorneys traveled to London, in attempts to retrieve the fortune, but the bank refuses to allow any of us to have any of the money unless every single descendent of Theron Sitton (Sutton) is identified, which is an impossibility.

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Origin was from Theron Sutton, whose name became Sitton when he landed in MA from England in 1636. We are all supposedly descended from him.

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England. I can be contacted at [contact link]

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James Sitton (author), originally from SC, and Josh Sitton (football star) in Florida. Claude Sitton (originally from SC) was a Pulitzer Prize journalist.

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