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Updated Oct 21, 2020


Living in Sanalic Michigan. Huge family and lots of history


Almost certainly German or Austrian: the spelling at the beginning may have changed over time. burg=burgh=town Not Eire
Maybe from Ireland ?

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Unknown - Unknown ? - ?
Unknown - Unknown ? - ?
Oct 16, 1842 - Jun 26, 1930 1842 - 1930
Mar 27, 1844 - Mar 17, 1931 1844 - 1931
Nov 10, 1888 - Jan 7, 1961 1888 - 1961

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Derek Wade
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I.m not much good at putting these comments in the right specific places; so I will leave them as general comments.
The name Stountenburg has been wrongly transcribed: it should be Stoutenburg.
James S died in the house of his nephew Edward in Argyle, Canada 1930, per death cert. Nephew was b Canada 16 Oct 1812, but moved to Sanilac County US, with parents etal age 2, (1814).

The significance of 1814 is that the last war between the English and the Americans was 1812-1814 (fighting over Canada). Argyle in Canada is in Manitoba. Canadian records are quite accessible last time I tried should anyone want to pursue them.

It appears likely that James, father, family and siblings all moved to Sanilac after the war in Canada ended. It is likely that his father had gone to canad as a soldier on the English side and probably fro, the Argylle and Southern Highlanders barracks in Scotland. Soldier were paid only a beggers wage and many were criminals who had been given the choice of jail or serve! James' grand father may have been born ca 1750-60 a German or Prussian mercenary, mother lowland Scot: they could have been recruited by England for one of the many European wars at that time, returning to Scotland & marrying. Might be worth searching the Regimental records on 20 year blocks back from 1814.

Suggest you look at Hyde Park burial Ground, Hudson Valley. Also Stoutenburgh Castle near Utrecht in Holland.

Hope this gives a few useful pointers.
Oct 20, 2020 · Reply
Lori Russell
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His wife lizzie orouke was from Ireland. Myrtle is my mothers grandmother. Huge family. Yes they are coming from Canada down to Sanalic.
Oct 21, 2020 · Reply

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