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Well, my great-great grandfather was Charles Aurther Tinney (who was the son of Darwin Tinney and Manerva Duell in East Palmyra, NY) Charles Aurther Tinney married a younger woman named Laura (Lottie Jane) Warren from Lyons, Wayne County, NY. They had one child and named him Charles Jackson Tinney. One day when Charles Jackson Tinney was a very young boy, his father went to work "...and never came home" (...this is the exact quote that I recall my grandmother telling me her grandmother had told to her when she had asked where her grandfather was.). It turns out that Charles Aurther had drowned in the Erie Canal, just outside of Lyons, Wayne County, NY. Sadly, he never got to watch his son, Charles Jackson, grow up.

Years later, when Charles Jackson Tinney had grown into a man, he married one beautiful lady named Mrytie Belle Tinney. Charles Jackson Tinney worked on the railroad near Buffalo, Erie County, NY. They had three daughters, of which one of them was my grandmother. Then they had a little boy, my Uncle Fred. Uncle Fred was just a baby when one day, his father when to work and never came home. Charles Jackson Tinney had been crushed between two railroad cars and died about 1922. Sadly, he never got to watch his son grow up either.
Aug 11, 2007 · Reply