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on 16 June 1969 I left Ft. Hollibard Balto. Maryland and took the bus ride to Ft. Bragg NC. There was about 40 of us from the Baltimore Maryland area. we ranged in age from 18 to 21, I myself was 18 yrs old.I turned 19 at Ft Bragg during my basic traning. Thats where they condition your mind and body to conform to the military standards. Oh i should mention that I joined the US Army to avoid the draft. I choose a Military Occupation Specility of an Hevey Equiptment Operator in the Engineers instead of Uncle Sam placing me in the infintry or where ever they felt a need to fill. I was looking at my future when i did the enlistment thing. I wanted to be able to get a job when and if i decided to get out of the service.At that time in my life I was weighing the fact of making the Army a life time thing.Anyway lets get back to Ft. Bragg NC. The bus driver made a stop in NC at a liquier store where he passed the hat and anyone wishing to get off the bus and purchase beer or whiskey could do so. well let me tell you we did and it was at least another 2 hrs to the fort and a lot of the fellas got drunk. Now 2 hrs later we roll up onto a lighted pavillion and there was some soldiers there to greet us but it wasnt what anyone expected. when the bus stoped and the door opened this Sgt came aboard and introduced himself and it was kewl when he seen that some of the fellas was drunk ( I think they do that just to shock you) anyway he told us where we was at and what to expect next and the next couple of weeks. He told us that we was going to get indoctronated this morning and we had to listen to a seminar type thing. well then after he spoke in his kind voice we was still sitting on the bus. H just snaped into a harshat that time ass hole(our thinking) he told us we had 3 min to get our asses off his bus and if it was longer than 3 min we all would get to push this Fort around the world a few times( push ups) well dont you know we didnt make it and everyone had to drop and do 50 pushups and had to do them there way we done 15 and he was still counting 1-1-1 well i guess we wasnt doing them well.We finally done them i guess about 75 of them.Then they hearded us into a room where we had to listen to the WELCOME TO FT.BRAGG and THE US ARMY. After that then they hearded us to an all night mess hall and there i was introdused to shit on a shingle.Will finish this later.
Dec 29, 2007 · Reply
My grandparents are Nova Wooten and Dallas Wooten, I know very little about my wooten family I assume most family members were in Tulsa Ok, for years that side of my family has been a mystery to me. One day I would like to know some of this side of my family, November 3, 2006 I went to my fathers funeral and knew no one there except stepmothers family, It seems that the family wanted the family name to stay a mystery, my father couldn't even tell me his grandparents names which seemed very odd to me. Its really strange not to know where your ancestors came from and is very hard to search with no more knowledge that I have about them, if anyone out there know or heard of these people would like to know. At my fathers funeral a young beautiful woman approached to talk and it never happened she looked like she had something to say and wasn't given that opportunity. I assume she was a family member that understood the situation.
Mar 27, 2008 · Reply