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Updated Jul 01, 2022


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Elizabeth Pickett commented on Nov 25, 2007
Great Grandmother Anna Laura WYATT was a CREEK Indian. She married Owen Barnhill (Jefferson Alabama, Georgia, Florida),. She died after giving birth. Their children were OLa 1906, Cora 1908, Owen Jr.1910,[My grandmother]Mattie Lou 1911 and another child whom died ?. My grandmother said she was about 4 or 5 when the indians came and took her mothers body after she died back to the tribe to be buried.
Letha Wyatt commented on Mar 31, 2011
I am searching for information on the family of Lofley Wyatt b. abt. 1800 NC, found on census records in Ashe County. His wife was Mary and his children were Susan b. abt1823, Zilphia b. abt. 1824, Alphia b. abt. 1832, Caroline b. abt 1835, Martha b. abt. 1837, Catharine b. abt 1842, Henry W. b. abt 1850, Carlton b. abt. 1848, Wilson b. abt. 1851. This info comes from census records from 1850-1880, so we all know how that info goes sometimes. I am trying to locate info on his daughter Susan, I found her in his home on 1850 census. On the 1860 there is a Susan Hudgins/Hudgens age 35 wash woman, along with M. Hudgins age 5 and Luvina Hudgins age 2 all born North Carolina living in the home of Lofley. I have found a marriage bond on that has Lofley as the bonds person for the marriage of Henry Hudgins and Sarah Wyatt. Don't know who Sarah is, never find her as his child. On the 1880 census, in a row is Henry Wyatt & family, Loftly Wyatt & family, Carlton Wyatt & family and Susan Wyatt age 53, Vena Wyatt age 19, Lee Wyatt age 3, Lily J Wyatt 1month. These children are listed as grandchild to Susan. I have been unable to find Susan and her children on the 1870 census anywhere under any name. I am trying to tie this family into research on Thomas Nelson Wyatt b. April 23, 1886 North Carolina , died Nov 2, 1918 Raven, Tazewell, VA. Married Bessie Altizer in Tazewell, Va in 1907. Their children were Mazel, Hazel, William Drannan and Charley. His death certificate lists his parents as Bill Treamer and Charity Brewster, his marriage license lists his parent as C.V. Wyatt. I have been told he has siblings William Lee Wyatt, Ammie Elizabeth Wyatt, Gertrude, Dolphus, Ethel and possibly Rose and Viola. Ammie lists on her marriage license as her parent CV Wyatt also. She also has a parent in her home in 1930 by the name of Vinnie/Vennie. Recently received info that parents could be Henry Wyatt and Lou Venie Hudgins or Charity Luvenie Wyatt. I have been trying to solve this mystery for 10 years now. Thomas and his siblings seem to want to hide their parent info for some reason. I hope someone else knows these folks and I can rule out Lofley's family or confirm them. I feel like I am missing something right in front of me.
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