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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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Im 18-19th century Joseph, Johan and 1 other brother were found in Svratouch, and near villages, Bohemia. They or other ancestors of Chours came from Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Duke of Cumberland, son of Fridrich IV., Winterking of Bohemia and Elizabeth Stuart, Winterqueen of Bohemia, daughter of James I. of England. They made against catholic movement in Bohemia. Exist nice books about it. They were in order of knighood. Shalom aleychem [contact link], any other history of Zach - Chour - Rupert are invited, house of Wittelsbach.
Sep 12, 2005 · Reply
Zachs in Bohemia renamed on Cach. They had daughter Josefa Cach. In book from K. V. Adamek about religious movement are interrogations with Zachs and is used both surname Zach, both Cach as Z reads in Czech as C. They had fired books, did not work and did not give Josefa to school with saying: She does not reach the school of Jesus. The house of their meeitings was fired.
Sep 12, 2005 · Reply
Zach Josef, birth 1761+Alzbeta birth 1764
Josef Zach died /he had brother Johan if I good remember/ 1870,1796+Teresie birth 1764/edition to stories from Svratouch that brothers were two or three of Zachs, I do not remember/
Frantisek Chour /he has brother Frantisek/+Jozefa Cachova
Alois Chour+Anna Chourova 1872-1958, born Fajmonova 1881-1979, someone from Chours married woman who came from princes Ruprechts said my grandmother and Alois Chour, I look for this genealogy
Marie Halamkova, born Chourova 18.8.1905-10.3.1994+Vaclav Halamek 20.5.1897-18.12.1947, some of previous ancestors played theatre and were painter, also in stories
Z. Bartosova, born Halamkova+M. Bartos
M. Bartos+Z. Bartosova, born Gruberova
Ruprechta-Eva Bartosova, painter, artist/music, theatre, composing.../
[contact link]

Prince Rupert had the son Dudley Rupert Bard from Frances Bard

/for not verrified information here exist Mrs. W.J. Baird, famous chessplayer, book 700 chess problems who looks same as Rupert, she was born 22.2.1859-died 1.2.1924, England, chess composer, first works published in 1888, author of maybe 2000 problems of different kinds, in composition competitions got many awards and from it 15 first places/prizes.

also Franz Xaver baron von Zach looks as Rupert, /to Franz Xaver, also see Gruber, they are probably named after Franz Xaversky/, this is in research, F.X. Zach father was Josef Zach, F.X. was third son and Joseph came from Budapest to Bratislava, F.X. von Zach was born in Bratislava if I good remember and was famous astronom helping to found many stations in whole Europe, more see internet. Later added details: Zach Franz /Frantisek/ Xaver - /4.6.1754 Bratislava - 2.9.1832 Paris/, mathematic, astronom. His father Jozef Zach, medical doctor, died 1781, mother Klara, b. Sontagova, brother Anton, genearal of Austrian army /1741-1823/. Single. Studied at Army academy in Vienna...further see internet, encyclopedias. I ordered in library books from him and shole box was full of his works, many old German books, as it was for me to draw joke from this.

Further from family von Zach /Sagh//concerning Sagh, here is metion I heard from uncle Bartos that Szasz is from Sagas/ history around Felician Zach who made atentat on king Karol Robert of Anjou if I good remember, queen was stricken, Zach was killed and whole his descendants killed and also properties taken and given to other families in Slovakia, so he should not be ancestor. One Czech genealog wrote me that Cach was originaly Zach from Zacharias, from my experiences exist that same surname today had different origin and was changed by same way in different places also when has same origin/.
Later added details: Felician Zach /Zah, Sagh/ - magister, noble /cca 1250-17.4.1330 Visegrad, Hungary/, came from one of most old families of Novohrad department with properties in its south parts, around Ipla and from 1262 also Gemer. Father Zaah / died before 1272/, son Felician who died 1330 and three daughters. After death of house of Arpad took part in the fights for the throne of Hungary. Before 1308 entered the service to Matus Cak-Trenciansky and belonged among his most high cooperators. After battle at Rozhanovce king Karol Robert captured his properties, but 1315 he tried to gain him to his side, what was succesful after 1318, when he returned him properties back. 17.4.1330 he made atentat on family of king Karol I. Robert of Anjou, on that place was Zach killed also with his son. After this killed also all his relatives of first grade and took their properties.

Further about Dudley Rupert Bard - He died in age of circa 18 in Buda against turks, if I good remember.
On internet are probably two lovers of Rupert with surname Bard if I good understand it.

Rupert had daughter with Margaret Hughes /Debra Lane, Drury Lane, Peg or how I found, so maybe pseudonyms of this celebrated actress/. Name of daughter is Ruperta, genealogy on the net.
Ancestors of English people are from 1 now not mentioned book Ephraim and Manasses, sons of Joseph, son of Jacob - prince of Israel, Joseph ruled 48 years over Egypt as he was pharaoh by apocrypha Joseph and Asenet.

cut from information:
Ruperts ancestors were more than 40 rulers in Europe and Jerusalem. 3 times Rupert Holy Roman Emperor, houses of Premysl, Wittelsbach, Luxembourg, Hesse, Oldenburg, Bourbon and many more important skillful and blessed families so rulers of whole Europe.

Other pages posted by Eva Bartosova see surnames on page surname Bartos.

I got information that ancestor of Isabela Kastilska ancestor was Ali cousin of Mohamed or Mohamed, through his daughter. Isabela was ancestor of Friedrich V. of the Rhine.
Sep 12, 2005 · Reply
Concerning family Zach that Zach was originaly Zach from Zacharias, when I translate Zachariash, it is same as Zacharias.
means The Lord remembered. Zachar means in Hebrew to remember.
1. 14th king of the north land of Israel, by which died 5th dynasty of Israel, derived his origin from Yehua. He was son of Jeroboam II. and ruled only six month 744-743 BC. He was killed near rebelly by Sallum, son of Jabes II. Kings 14:29, 15:10,10:30.
2. Man from the tribe of Benjamin, from family Jehiel of Gabaon 1. Pa 9:35.37, called in 1Pa8:31 Zecher, what is abreviation of whole name.
3. Man of the tribe of Levi, of tribe of Kahat, most old son of Meselemiash, door-keeper in the time of David at the tent of the covenant 1Pa9:21flw, 26:2. By 1Pa 26:14was careful advisor.
4. Man of the tribe of Levi, from the second order near the temple service, appointed from David to play to Lutna near high singing 1Pa 15:18.20, 16:5. He accompanied the trunk of covenant near celebrational procession to Yerusalem.
5. Man of the tribe of Levi, of the tribe of Kahat, of the house of Uziel, son of Iziash 1Pa24:25, lived during the ruling of David.
6. Priest, which together with others accompanied by blow bringing of the trunk of covenant from house of Obededom to Yerusalem 1Pa15:24.
7. Man of the house of Levi, of the tribe of Merar, 4th son of Chos 1Pa26:10flw, door-keeper of the sanctuary in times of David.
8. Father of Iddoa, which was administrator over half of the generation of Manasses 1Pa27:21, living in the times of David.
9. Man of the tribe of Levi, father of Jachaziel from times of Jozafat. He came from descendants of Asaf 2Pa 20:14.
10. One of princes of Juda, which Jozafat appointed to teaching of people in the Law of the Lord 2Pa17,7.
11. 4th son of king Jozafat 2Pa21:2./Pa should be Paralipomenon or Chronicles/
12. Son of high priest Joiad, lived in tiems of kingdom of Joas in Judstvo. Spirit of God offered him to say to their rebellion from the Lord, whcih became after the death of the high priest. On the command of the king he was but stoned in the court of the temple 2Pa24:20flw. It is genearaly thought that on this Zacharias is the sentence of Jesus at L11:51.He is called at Mt23:25son of Barachiash. It is maybe mark on the margin, whcih later came to the text.
13. Some man who lived in times of king of Juda Uziash 2Pa26:5. It says that he "understood the vision of God"and adviced to the king.
14. Prince from the tribe of Ruben in times of Assyrian captivity 1Pa5:7.
15. Son of Jeberechiash Is8:2. Isaiah took him for the witness, when wrote the mysterious tittle about stealing attack on Assyrians, when became in time of one year.
16. Father of Abie, mother of king Ezechiash 2Kr18:1flw.
17. Man of tribe of Levi, from descendants of Azaf. During ruling of Ezechiash had part on purifying of the temple from idolatory 2Pa29:13.
18. Man of the tribe of Levi, of the tribe of Kahat 2Pa34:12. He watched on the work by reparing of the temple during king Joziash.
19. Prince during ruling Joziash, which is remembered among those who dedicated to the sacrifices of Passover many from their flock 2Pa35:8. He was probably alone the priest.
20. Man of the tribe of Juda, of the family of Fares Neh11:4, which lived in Yerusalem after return from captivity.
21. Other man from the tribe of Juda, from the family of Silon Neh 11:5.
22. Priest, coming from the house of Paschur and from the tribe of Alkiash Neh 11:12.
23. Descendant of Faros Esra8:3, returned with Esra from Babylon.
24. Son of Bebai Esra8:11, he returned from captivity with Esra.
25. One of leaders of the people which sent Esra to the prince Idd in Chasfia to make sure enough number of levits and Netinejskys for those who returned from Babylon Esra 8:16.
26. One of those, who stood onthe side of Esra, when read the Law of God Neh 8. Maybe it were priests.
27. Son of Elam, who repudiated his Gentile wife on the moving of Esra Esra 10:26.
28. Man from the tribe of Levi, son of Jonatan and descendant of Azaf. He lead the team of musicmen near sancifying of repared walls of Yerusalem Neh 12:35flw.
29. Priest-trumpeter near sanctifying of the walls of Yerusalem Neh 12:41.
30. Priest from the tribe of Idd during high priest Joiakim Neh 12:16.
31.Father of John the Babtist. He was priest from the class of Abiash L1:5, through his wife Elizabeth related to Maria, mother of Jesus L1:36. He lived somewhere on the hill country of Juda L1:39flw. When class of Abiash was in Yerusalem to making of their priest duties, came lot on Zachariash, to lay burn. By it he got revelation, that he will have son, which will prepare the way to Messiah L1:13-17.68-75. On the deman for sign which would confirm this gospel, he was mute some time v. 18-22.62-64.
Zachariah - prophetic book of Bible. Zachariah was son of Barachiash, son of Idd 1:1, he came from family of priests. About his is menion in Esra 5:1,3:14 and he is the same one with priest from tribe Iddo in Neh 12:16. Son of Iddo can mean son or other descendant. First prophesy was in eights month of second year of ruling of king of Persia Daria, e. i. autumn 250 BC 1:1, his night vision had 24. Sebat, means 11th months the same year, e.i. 519 BC 1:7, further prophesied 4th day of month Kislef /ninth/ in fourth year of Darius, e.i. the end of 518. BC 7:1. So he began to work to years later than prophet Aggeus, but two years longer than he Ag 1:1,2:10.20. Trying of buidling of the temple in that times, times of Zorobabel from the house of David, later probably put off from ruling given him by Persians, he did not fullfile hopes which Zachariah put into his person.
Zahceus-Greeked Hebrew Zakkai, what is maybe the abreviation of the name Zacharias, rich man who had to job to put out payments and taxes in Jericho and around it for Roman state. It was very rich office Duty. He became the disciple of Jesus L19:1flw.

So what is the origin of Zach? I thought after prophet Zacharias. ???
Write answer to [contact link] please.
May 29, 2006 · Reply
Friedrich V., king of Bohemia,

Elector Palatine, was born 26.8.1596 as the son and successor of Phalz kurfist Friedrich IV. /1583-1610/, important man in protestant camp, head of Protestant Union, relatives to the king of Denmark and Netherlands ruler Moric of Oragne. 1609 was among several notcatholic rulers, which sent to Rudolf II. intercede letter with request to give to Czech statuses known Majestat for the freedom of faith. Friedrich of the Rhine /Fridrich Falcky/ - Elector Palatine of the Rhine /falcky kurfist/ Friedrich V. became the head of the protestant Union and husband of Elizabeth Stuart, she married him in 1613 in the age of 17. Elizabeth was born 19.8.1596 in Fifa, Scotland as the daughter of James VI, king of Scotland, later James I of England.
In 1619 was elected by statuses of Czech countries, which rebelled against Habsburgs.

"And because, king Fridrich,
we please, how we can most high,
cast out enemies from the home country
and do not give them more to steal
let we have free freedom,
under the Both we confirm,
Body, Blood of Lord Jesus,
cause it, king Fridrich!"

Poeta Czechicus, Simon Lomnicky of Budca invited new Czech king by these verses. First stop before entering Prague was in the royal forests just at the White Mountain build on the way of six or sevenprism star, called Star, where he also had the lunch. Representatives of the status government, which were not in his procession and hunderds of other nobles and townsmen came to invite their ruler. 31.10.1619 entered his procession to the capital. Their procession was formed to trumphal entering to the city Prague. Usually this was made on the area of todays Zizkov or Karlin, but now the ruler came from the west on the old and today existing way from Louny and Slany. Royal residence at the White mountain was the best necessary stop. Chroniker counts great number of composition of the procession, counting more than thousand members, crowds looked around the way between the Star /Hvezda/ and Prague castle. It was made with such beauty, splendor and joyfulness, that to it was shown by procession of almost none previous king. Friedrich often put down the hut from head against them and from the kindness thanked them. 23.5.1618 made the group of status radikals defenestration of royal directors. Setting of thirty directors, casting out jezuits and great agitation defending the act in abroad, diplomacy trying to get allies in notcatholic Europe and gathering of army, lead politics to go to Heilderberg, where had seat the court of Friedrich. He was for this rebelly, together with sas Elector John George /Jan Jiri/ he tried but without success to gain the peace between Czech statuses and caesar, but in Europe was in the summer 1918 understood as clear ally of Czechs. In July 1618 he sent hofmistr of his court, count Albert of Solms, which promised to statuses greatest support of his lord. He really tried to get support also at father-in-law in England. First greatest support they get from savoy Duke Charles Emmanuel /Karl Emmanuel/ 2000 men under the leading of general Peter Arnost of Mansfeld, later the best duke. In the second half of 1918 appears the first thought to lift up Friedrich of the Rhine of the Czech throne. The plane got the support of the diplomat of Friedrich Kristian of Anhalt. After the death of Matyas in march 1619 the situation changed and his sucessor was Ferdinand Styrsky, later caesar Ferdinand II., cousin of Matyas.
But decision if to accept the crown was not easy and many historical and political events of that I do not say here and it needs deeper study from many literature, for interesting here is the witness of one of his courtman that Friedrich had great hesitating from which God alone will lead him and show him the true way. This influenced also English diplomats working in Heilderberg having oppinion that when Friedrich would not accept the election from Bohemia, he would became most hateful prince in protestant world. Other influencing I believe was that he was descendant of many Czech kings and house of Premysl, Jiri of Podebrad and so on.
Fiedrich as handsome man, similar to the visage of Christ, was beautifuly weared and

after election 26.8. 1619.
His wife Elizabeth was

Friedrich was crowned by the Saint Vaclav crown, today it is stored in the leather case with coat of arms in crown room. Crown has many precious stones, pearls and the thorn from the crown of the Lord Jesus Christ, which French king gave to Charles IV. This crown was not from the times of Premysls and was given to made by Charles IV. and dedicated it to Saint Vaclav. It was made 1341 and had size of the skull of Saint Vaclav and he asked pope Kliment VI. to give bula to protect the crown. Bula from 1346 it should lay on the skull of Saint Vaclav except of the day of coronation of new Czech king. Till the dark of the day it should always return back to Saint Vaclav. Today it is not given on the skull, because the weight of 2,5 kg can cause that the skull would be destructed. Kliment VI. On the demand of the Charles IV. forbid to misuse and steal jewels, when someone would do it, he should be punished by uncallable exkomunication from the church and he would fall to the anger of the God Almighty and blessed apostles Peter and Paul. Here is also legend that except of exkomunication what was in the middle ages one of the most strict punishments, the sinner would have damning that till year he will die by not natural death. Reinhard Heydrich , protektor of Czechy and Moravia put the Saint Vaclav crown on head and earlier as year came from this event, someone made atentant on him. Crown has 2360 grams, it is from 21-karat gold and has 96 jewels and 20 pearls. Some of them belong to the most great on the world. The red one was long the most precious and only recently was known that i tis not rubin but less precious rubelit.
Sceptre and Apple are from the second half of 18. century so is not researchable now for me to write Fridrich’s. Among treasury belongs also coronational mantle, Saint Vit sword and cross. On apple were biblical motives.
In times of Friedrich were crown jewels at Karlstejn, there were also land covers, in which were law things written, which were also in Prague, so Karlstejn was very important castle.
Friedrich V. brought crown jewels from Karlstejn and gave them to watch in Prague for many gold.
Czech statuses naturaly awaited from him help from abroad.

Enemies of Friedrich of the Rhine called him in January 1620 contemptuously Winter king and wanted to say by it that he will rule just only that one winter, they did not guess that winter king will rule in Bohemia four year seasons, he was there whole year. During this time he made many things, he came through whole country, made crown way to Moravia and Silesia, lead tens of diplomatic matters, took part two months land parliament where he gained from statuses the sucession for his oldest son, despite that in 1619 they thought to make new king prince Rupert /Ruprecht/, he was personaly present of army work, picturepurifying

/obrazoborecka ocista, pictureremoving purifying was mentioned also in times of Great Moravia, it is maybe based also on Revelation chapter 17.-18./for me is not known if he knew this chapters what it does it mean/ about catholic church and other verses of Bible not worship to idols, other gods and heavenly army and not make anything under earth or on earth, in heaven or in water and to worship them or only to God and him only you shall worship, see for example Exodus 20. ten God's commandments/

of the Temple of Saint Vit in Prague from unknown gods and he had with him protestant pastors,

8. 11.1620 was Battle at the White Mountain, endured circa two hours and Friedrich had to escape from Prague with whole family and let crown jewels in the building of the magistrate of Stare Mesto prazske. Followers of caesar Ferdinand II. despised the end of his ruling in Bohemia and wrote that on his hurry escape from Prague he forgot there also English Podvazkovy order, what the lost is his greatest and the most annoying shame and mockery, what I thanked to God to know which order he had, because I see lack of history literature in Czechoslovakia dedicated to Friedrich, Rupert and other nobles.

After 1620 they lived in Haag. Most famous children were Elector Charles Ludwig, prince Rupert and Sofie /1630-1714/. Elizabeth supported exulants after the White Mountain except others also Jan Amos Komensky.

After the battle at the White Mountain Friedrich tried to get the land again and it was Thirty years war, he called also prophets to prophecy about his victory or loss, one prophet was man and other woman, mentioned largely in history of Bratislava, but there were mentioned that prophetess had epileptic attack, what I cannot recognize concerning to comunism against religion theories and people who are against God and not knowing who and why changed in case of lie and does not believe or it was truth and she was the witch

/in ancient times were witches called prophets and so on, nabi/navi is in Hebrew prophet, navijjah is prophetess, nabi means to do as mad, also in Hebrew chose, roe were those who see, seeing, my experience is that God's prophets prophesy without any problems and are not made, because Jesus is the Prince of order and peace and He alone was not mad, they have no attack of demons during prophesying to be somehow visible as epileptic attack or histeric attacks, but can appear some things visible that God is present see internet miracles and see books of most charismatic missionars, in Greek it is profetes, Bible makes difference in this, because witching is of demons which will not inherit the kingdom of heaven, Gal 5:19-25 and almost or each epistle and Rev. 21:8 nobody such will enter kingdom of heaven, prophet is inspired by the Spirit of God, Holy Spirit what is the enemy of unclean spirit, unclean spirit is demon, Holy means it is separated from unclean spirit, unclean satanistic theories have sometimes many things common with Bible, Jewry and Christianity using verses from whole Bible /for example famous witch Makedonova, Jewish kabala and so on/, but calling things without prophesying by other names added to teaching such thaat spirit does not confess the Lord Jesus has come in the flesh and also not propagating the cross, Blood of Christ and purifying of the sins through Jesus death on the cross and His blood of us and His resurrection, they denny that He is Yahve, Lord of lords, God and that He is only God and only Lord who is most Sovereign, also annointed prophet of the Lord king Saul, after him was on the throne of Israel David calling him Lord's annointed, he alone was at the end of his life at the unclean witch giving to call out the prophet Samuel,/

the prophecy was about enterning Friedrich to the throne and here I cannot say anything, because if it would be from God it would fullfile in case God would not say prophecy to turned man, to whom he behaves turned, or God has other reason why to say irony or do punishment, what I suppose Friedrich was not evil in eyes of God being protestant loving gospel and being missionary, preaching true gospel, God loved him, I suppose he knew to recognize prophets, so here can be also lie in history, also here can be the barrier from the side of attack of Satan on this matter, when Satan attacks somethings, there is barrier. Word of God see verses: To turned God is turned, verses: Exodus 4. circumcision of son of Moses, not fullfiled evil prophecy for repentance with act, verses: Is 38:5, II. K 20:6 not fullfiled prophecy in Bible that king will die was changed after he prayed and he got 15 years of and verses: changed prophecy or irony in Jer 4:10. Friedrich payed money to prophets or one of them. Prophecy contained information that he will get on the throne, what was not fullfiled. Here is not mentioned neither signs confirming prophets by God's miracles, nor gifts Thus says the Lord and Lord Jesus has come in the flesh 1.J 4, 3.J and verse: Nobody can say Lord Jesus only in Holy Spirit to recognize prophesying. God prophesied to Nabuchodonozor, king of Babylon and it fullfiled, despite that Nabuchodonozor was evil, God prophesied truth, kings, ancestors of Friedrich were annointed and made miracles, were elected by God, so here I also suppose the prophet could be false, because to Friedrich God would say truth. If prophetess would have epileptic attacks Friedrich would see it and she would be brought to hospital, so not knowing the time chronological matters and seeing Friedrich gave money to prophets, I see they were able to accept them and so were not in histeric-epileptic attacks, what so experienced Christians as Jednota bratska and Komensky would surely with Friedrich discover as not from God, prophet similar to attacks, person with histeric-epileptic attack can finaly to prophesy as is known that people who were in madhouse, having Holy Spirit Tongues and being in adultery, also Samson having power from Holy Spirit from God had unlegal sex or David, prophet of Bible had harem, having illnesses or missionars with illnesses /demons/ and both gifts of Holy Spirit, epilepsia is illness Jesus healed in Bible and todays missionars also heal. Also that theory of W. M. Branham shows that Babylon could be good explanation. De facto Friedrich ruled with Christ in Holy Spirit, see Rev. 1:5-6, 1:Cor 4:8 what has surely really happend through Holy Spirit, Rev. 3:21, Rev. 2:26-27. Despite it can be the subject of further research.1. prophet , to which Komensky believed, was Silesian visionary Christoph Kotter. He prophesied restoration of the ruling of Friedrich von der Phalz, 1630 the Gentiles should return against Christians and destruct Roman Empire, "Babylon". Prophesies generally fullfile, but individualy I saw verrified prophesies and that cases in Bible which did not fullfiled, God is Sovereign, not simple and not boring, He decides and always has sources how to ensure something not to fall when He wishes, for example punishment of not fullfiling of prophesy to the sinner.

/Babylon is in Christian symbolic the mix and godlessness, see Revelation 17. is about Great Babylon and also about Babylon writes prophets of Old Testament and also Revelation 18. is about the fall of Babylon, theory of confirmed prophet W. M. Branham is that Babylon is catholic church, the beast drunk by the blood of saints, because they killed more than 6 millions saints, E. Frank also writes that daughters mentioned in Rev. 17.-18. are denominations. De facto they do not preach whole gospel and sinning they have demons, they hid many facts to people having not all gifts hidding for exaple apocryphas knowing they are true. Branham has in one sermon that he enjoys from some article what was probably shortcut from apocrypha about some apostles, for great amout of his sermons I could not research his knowledges and opinions and if he researched and had apocryphas /W. M. Branham see for example, confirmed prophet, because he made many miracles for exmple healed many people, in Durban they had to put away 7 camions of medicine material off, also healed English king, member of U. S. Congress W. D. Upshaw and so on, he had gift Thus says the Lord and many miracles./. Many pastors know they are true. Mat 7. about the will of God writes about those who perform miracles, cast out demons and say Lord, lord, but not doing the will of God are not saved. I heard also about prophesies for some comunity in Czechoslovakia who escaped after prophesy to remove from Babylon to other country, they probably did not understand what is Babylon./

Alone Friedrich of the Rhine accepted Kotter 4 days after the battle at the White Mountain, but things which he prophesied were so phantastic that he could not believe them. Not so Komensky /Comenius/, who translated Kotter's prophesies to Czech. He agitated by it the leading of the Jednota bratska, but simple words people believed, because in them was hope. Komensky believed also to Kristina Poniatowska, who alone noticed visions during histeric-epileptic attacks. He said that they are ubnormal origin, he published them and advocated their veracity. Both prophets did not finish well. 1632 they died and Friedrich, king of Sweden Gustav Adolf turned out Kotter and Poriatowska her prophesies called off.
1633 Prince Rupert fought in Thirty years war in many battles and sieges and 1638 also, 1942 was called to go to England.
1620 were spread German leaflets Circle of luck of Fridrich von der Phalz.
Elizabeth queen consort of Frederick, king of Bohemia /1619-20/, elector of the Palatinate /1596-1632/ after he was defeated by the Roman Catholic Holy Roman emperor Ferdinand II, a rival claimant to the Bohemian throne. Frederick and Elizabeth were forced to seek asylum abroad, eventually settling in The Hague.
29.11.1632 Friedrich V. departed to the Lord.
fter death of her husband in 1632 was Elizabeth active in the Protestant cause on the Continent. Later she returned to England and when died, was burried in Westminster Abbey. She had 13 children included Sophia, electress of Hannover /1630-1714/, her child became king George I. of England. In polemic I found from historician if was mistake that Fridrich accepted Czech throne, I have to tell that it was not mistake, but he was predestined by God to evangelize Bohemia and the history evangelize till today remembering protestantism. It had also surely great importance in world history that today are his descendants on throne of England, because children of Elizabeth Stuart were more important beeing children of rulers, not only grandchildren of James I.. God appointed and put down king, descendants of king David from the throne depending on their religion and faith to only God, Yahve, if king sinned to worship to idols, he put other genearation down, therefore here cannot be said clear judgement over Friedrich, he was de facto as crucified Christ or Job, holy, who suffered, God punished descendants of kings who were after David, after Salomon, not them so much, calling them despite their harem his saints, annointed, beloved, not shaming to be son of David, He put down kings from throne for the sins of their grandparents and their sins to worship to alien gods, idols, loving Adonaj says in prophets that only for his sin will be man punished, not for sin of his father, being justice Jer 31:29-30 and Ezechiel 18. God beeing not so simple understandable for man as He created as picture of this very difficult things shows us whole eternality aspects of His thoughts and visdom having still what to show surely is so Sovereign He has punishing on descendants and punishing generaly in His power deciding as He alone as Sovereign vishes in His wisdom, love, greace, anger and justice. So any definite understanding of this theory is not correct, because He has punishments as the weapon against those who make rebelly against him calling elect ones those which were not saved /book Hebrew from Bible, Psalms, those Jews who rebelled on the desert and were not saved, but called elect/, so He as Sovereign is the beginning and the end of all understanding and therefore are very close to God hypotesis from which generations can take example and knowledge how not to be evil and do the will of God based on commands of the Most High having gifts of Holy Spirit as only true way together with keeping all verses of Bible as Jesus did chosing them on Holy Spirit only. Hypotesis are also to Him close, because we still have something to discover, understand and to do and to repare and so mistakes are something what is the component of perfectness. Not those mistakes and acts of demons, but those who are of God /for example mistakes which mention Jews in Hebrew Bible as the mark keeping it with mistakes, some of them gives knowledge/. Therefore we can also think about awarding and giving of God and thanking to Him and understanding Friedrich as good man for the whole Earth who had very important place in history and despite it was short ruling, it has very great power we feel as it was perfect in religion way, had the strong mark and sign of Christ Jesus on his acting in the Temple of Saint Vit showing him as very clever and faithful to Jesus to knowledge he had as sincere person to whom God was surely sincere and faithful. So king became as representant of God on earth as it was in the person of king David, king Salomon and king Jesus. As demons and Satan are princes /Efessians/ so Friedrich surely was not representant of Satan’s royalty. Concerning church, denomination and Friedrich here should be said that here shows more light to situation in 1619-1620 book from W. M. Branham An Exposition of Seven Church Ages what I did not read whole yet, containing explanation of Pavel /Efez 53-170/, Ireneus /Smyrna 170-312/, Martin /Pergam 312-606/, Columba /Tyatira 606-1520/, Luther /Sardy 1520-1750/, Wesley /Filadelfia 1750-1606/, Laodicea /1906- /, so Branham is good to read what knew about religion Friedrich, I suppose that Friedrich had not so much explanations and proofs about Protestantism as we have today, so not so much light, therefore he had with him pastors from denomination if I good remember, what was okay from sight for that times concerning being behaving in that times knowledge of God. So Babylon explanations and prophesies should have very important influence on church and understanding. Damning follows from cursed ancestors automatically and Christ can break this, how quickly He breaks damning and what all is visible on amount of gifts we get from God and removing of demons from life and surroundings. So here I left open it to your own opinion about to you know information writing it such that it can be the matter of very interesting research of that times, history, history of religion and royalty supposing I have not enough and all information yet. To other study I recommend Concordances, Bibles, Hebrew literature, Apocrypha memories, Pseudo-epigraph memories, Epigraph memories, religious histories and histories, genealogical sources, house of David, prophets etc.
Protestantism influenced well international laws and Constitutions. Here was great importance of Friedrich V., also great importance has missionars, because how good laws state can have they do not have to be good interpreted in agreement with international laws and constitutions in little individual cases, to avoid this are necessary annointed people giving honour to God through freedom.

by Ruperta - Eva Bartosova
To see more history see list of surnames at AncientFaces search surname: Bartos
Concerning of love and truth and light here I should post comment to article Friedrich V. of the Rhine.
Grace be upon world that evil things will not fullfile as when people in Bible repented. Amen.
Asi t is written you are not of Apollo, you are not of Cephas, but whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or lilfe or death or the present or the future, all are yours, and you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s, so seeing that on one place of Bible is something and on other place is wisdom to live on the world and be reconciled with things, here is also Word how to love each other always and knowledge that glory of God can go to each place and Jesus goes daily to hell in apocryphas. I saw angels of the Lord in catholic temple, other good people I know saw Jesus and glory of God there. God is allwhere present through knowledge, faith, love. And alone Branham said how he enjoys from one sentence in newspapers what was from apocrypha about apostles, also on other place that goes to sit among his brethren. Other aspect God showed me is keeping of noble design of temples, gifts of Holy Spirit, which some protestant churches does not have, but catholic and todays peaceful times and repentance. This is here for peace in catholic families and reconciliation, because on each place each churches makes mistakes, also protestants. I have never see church which never did mistake. So here belongs to read 1. Cor 13. which says instead of me that knowledge makes pride, but love mekes education and that knowledge will perish, but what will remain is love. I as painter admire fine art there and also does such as Jesus in heaven has many castles and so I suppose also temples. I elected many things from many missionars and their characters, I took examples from all good they do and present, also from Messianic Jews and I came to close that they could have more love to each other not be so sect and take knowledge one from the other as other way the go astray in some explanations.

Part of Gospel of Esejskych (1.Cor 13. uses it) from mouth of Christ alone

And your true brothers are all those, which live in accordance of the will of God and Mother earth and not your native brothers. In truth I say to you, that your true brothers in the will of heavenly Father and Mother earth will love you thousand times more, than your own brothers. Because from times of Cain and Abel, when native brothers insulted the will of God, does not exist already no true bloody brothership. And brothers hurt one another alike as unrelated. Because your heavenly Father in LOVE, because your Mother earth is LOVE, because Son of man is LOVE.

Through love are heavenly Father, Mother earth and Son of man is ONE. Because spirit of man was creatted from Spirit of heavenly Father and his body was created from body of Mother earth. Be therefore perfect as Spirit of your heavenly Father and body of your Mother earth are perfect. And love your Mother earth so, that you love your bodies. Love your real brother so, as your heavenly Father and Mother earth love you. And then heavenly father will give you sacred body. Then sons of man will love one another as true brothers by love, which they got from their heavenly Father and Mother earth and will comfort one another. And then will disappear on earth all evil and grief and instead let will ascend love and joy. And then earth will be as heaven and will set in the Kingdom of God. And then will come the Son of man in all his magnificence to inherit God’s empire. And sons of man will share divine heritage, Kingdom of God. Because sons of man live in heavenly Father and Mother earth and heavenly Father and Mother earth live in them. And with God’s empire will come the end of ages; because love of heavenly Father in God’s empire is given unceasingly to all living. Because love is eternal. Love is stronger than death. If I would speak by tongues of men and of angels, but would be without love, I would sound as tim or out of tune cymbal; if I would know to foretell future and knkow all secrets and all wisdom, and if I would have so strong faith as is strorm and achieve to transplant mountains, but would not have love, I am nothing. And if I would give all properties to feed the poor and all my shine, which I got from my Father, but have not love, it will be valid nothing to me. Love is patient, love is good, love does not know envy, does not breed nothing evil, does not know pride;is not neither rude, nor selfish, opposite wrath remains gentle, does not imagine misfortune, does not fall to unjustice, but on the contrary, enjoys from justice. Love defends all, love hopes all, love bears all; never drain off?
Hower words lone will expire and knowledge swindles. Because we have partial truth and partial untruth, but when will come full perfection, all imperfect will dissolve. In childish age man speaks as child, understands as child, thinks as child; but adult delay childish things; but yet still we look trough muddy glasses and wind up words. Still we have only partial lead, but till we will stay in front of God’s face, we will not already have partial lead, but such, which He leads us. But now remains us these three: faith and hope and love; Now I say to you by living speech of living God, through Spirit of our holy heavenly Father. I tis not among you still sole, which could understand to all, what I say to you. He, who explains Scriptures, says to you by dead speech of dead men, through his ill and mortal body. To him therefore can people understand, because all people are ill and all belongs to death. Nobody sees the light of Life. Blind people lead blind after dark ways of the sin, ill and suffering. And finally will fall all to the tomb.
I was sent by Father to switch on the light of Life before you. Light switches on alone and illuminatedarkness, but darkness know only itself alone and does not know light. I have still many what to say, but you would not bear it still meanwhile. Because you cannot still undestand, what I say to you about heavenly Father, which sen tme to you. Follow therefore first laws of your Mother earth, about which I spoke. Till her angels will purify and renew your body and strenghten your eyes, you will be able to bear the light of your heavenly Father. Till you achieve to look permanently to the light of midday sun, then you will can to bear dazzling light of your heavenly Father, which is thousand times brighter than glare of thousand suns. But how you can look to dazzling light of your havenly Father, when you will not bear neither shine of shining sun? Belive me, that sun is as the flame of candle beside the sun of Truth of heavenly Father. Therefore you have not till nothing than faith, hope and love. In the truth I say to you, that reward will not pass by you. If you belive to my words, you believe also in him, who sent me, who is the Lord of all and to whom are all things possible. When you will believe in angels of Mother earth and keep her laws, will be your faith supported and you will never know any illness. Have also hope in love of your havenly Father, because who trusts him, will be never cheated and will not see death. Love one another, because God is love, and so his angels know, that you wander after his ways and will add to you and will serve you. And Satan with all his sins, illnesses and evil-order will remove from your body. God, avoid to your sins, repent; babtize, that you born again and already does not sin anymore.“ Then Jesus lifte dup. But all other remained to sit, because moon in full appeared among spread clouds and veiled Jesus by light. And sparks sparkled from his hairs and he stood among them in the shine of moon, as he would hovered in air. And nobody either moved, it was not heard the smallest sound. And nobody knew, how much time passed, because time stopped. Then Jesus referred hands over them nad said: „Peace be with you,” and so departed, as the breeze, which trembles by crowns of trees.
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Ancestors of Zachs could be Frantisek /Franz/ Czach ze Svratouchu, his son Jan married 5.2.1758 Anna Sidlova, born 22.7.1733 Snezne and Josef Cach was from three brothers, one was called Jan, Jan Zach lived in other willage – book of Karel Vaclav Adamek. See surnames Zach, Czach, Cach on AncientFaces/research to see more...
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I got email from Zach comming from same locality that Zachs came from some count family.
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