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United States Conflicts in 1900 - 1999

Browse the history of United States Conflicts in 1900 - 1999 through vintage photographs.

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Taken in Catania Sicily Italy in .
Alfio Spadaro in Italian Army officer's uniform taken in Catania, Sicily abt... more
Shared on Apr 22, 2009 by
Taken at Aunt Carol Paschal's Yard at one of her Houses, in Austell,Cobb, Georgia USA in .
Me and my dad in uniform.He was sick with Cancer.He died a 2 months later.It... more
Shared on Mar 15, 2009 by
Taken at Hill Air Force Base, in Layton, Utah USA in .
SSgt. Nance files microfiche in a shoe box From the ADC Communications &... more
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Shared on Nov 3, 2008 by
Taken in London, England France on .
Donald Owens with his Airforce Buddies looking around after being stationed... more
Shared on Jul 9, 2008 by
Taken in Missouri USA on .
On the back is a note to Pearl (Woodyard/Rhodes 1894 to 1964). The photo has... more
Shared on May 28, 2008 by
Taken at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, in Aiea/Honolulu, Hawaii USA in .
Cynthia "Candy" Basham King Brown, Bell, Reburn on USS Samuel Gompers 1981.... more
Shared on Mar 30, 2008 by
Taken in USA in .
Private James Isaac McGee, 2nd soldier from left, others are not identified.... more
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Shared on Dec 26, 2007 by
Taken in Clarksville, Tennessee USA in .
Official DA Photo. I was a member of the 160th Special Operation Aviation... more
Shared on Jun 25, 2007 by
Taken at At home, in Bakersfield, California USA on .
In deep discussion (probably about ART) He has a BioSite at more
Shared on Apr 18, 2007 by
Taken at Gen. Octávio de Medeiros, in Brasilia, DF Brazil on .
General Octávio of Medeiros was a Leader of the National Service of... more
Shared on Mar 24, 2007 by