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A photo of Brian Wallace - 1-9FA FISTERS, attached to 3-15IN out of FT STEWART, GA. Getting ready to cross into Iraq, for the kickoff of OIF1 19 MARCH 2003
People in this photo:
A photo of James A Fazzi Sr ..........James A Fazzi Picture
People in this photo:
James A Fazzi Sr
Nov 28, 1917 - Feb 5, 1995
Hand written on the back is "Lee Topliff & his wife Leslie. 8x10 black and white photo of a Navy man and bride. Stamped in the back is "Photo by H. G. Cliff, Golden, Colo. Sept 14, 1946".
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This is a picture of my big brother, John V. Cogdill, taken at 1978 graduation from THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORP. John V. Cogdill. He passed away at the young age of 43. In feb. of 2003 he was involved in a snowmobile accident and did not survive. He was a very good man and is badly missed by all who knew him.
People in this photo:
John v. Cogdill
Born: Oct 1,959, 22
William Earle Glover: Born April 4, 1939 in Los Angeles, California. Died in a car accident April 1962.His father is said to be Harry (harold) milton (melton) Glover. Don't have any more information on his father.
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This was taken after my graduation from bootcamp. It's bittersweet in that its one of the last photos taken of the entire family. My sister was murdered just a month later...
People in this photo:
Kimberly Sue Deitz
Born: Feb 11, 1967
My paternal grandfather served in the Army Air Service from 1918 to approximately 1924. This was along the Southern US border from Texas to Arizona. His unit was building emergency airstrips along the border for the Dehavilland planes that were patrolling for smugglers as he told it.
Uncle Lawrence E. Vivian ,Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, Texas, 1952, while stationed Randolph A.F.B.
People in this photo:
Lawrence Edward Vivian
Jul 3, 1928 - Jan 17, 2009
Cibolo, TX
This is a photo of Jack Samples (son of Ira and Irene Meehan Samples) on the left and Ronald Savage, Jr. on the right of the photo. I do not know where or when the photo was taken. I have placed in the military section, however Jack and Ronald appear to be very young and I am wondering if this photo is more of a school organization like the ROTC program.
my grandfather george fridrick is 4th from the left with his mates. anyone knw who the rest are please in touch
this is my father brian george griffiths born may 1935 in stafford uk. he was in royal corps transport.
Marvin S Hiles (center) with two buddies during his service days at Fort Sheridan. They were in a Cavalry unit.
Sunday afternoon as Quarter Master on board HMS Bronington.
People in this photo:
John Perrin
Born: Mar 3, 1961
Sergeants gave Kenneth L. Welsh, Sr., this army mug.
People in this photo:
Kenneth L. Welsh
Feb 12, 1923 - Feb 23, 2007
Miami, FL
Fighting breakers for three days - The surf boat left Florence, Coos Co., Oregon port to assist the schooner Helen B. Sterling, which was in danger of piling up on the rocks at Heceta Head. After three days the Coast Guard cutter Haida relieved the sailors, but they were still unable to cross the bar so they moved 10 miles out to sea and anchored with two anchors. They were unable to return to port for another two days. Those pictured are ; l-r Elmer Peterson, Harold William McCrady, M.J. Berhard, Capt Lyle Stirt and Clyde Deal (not pictured.)
People in this photo:
This is a photo of Bantle young people added by Elena Bantle on January 16, 2010.
This is a photo of BOBBY JOE WILHELM added by Rhonda Mckinney on October 5, 2009.
This photograph is of the "post card" type of the 1920s or earlier. To the best of my knowledge, the young man was a friend of Jesse Shaw of Blount County, AL. They served together in Hawaii in the early 1920s.
This photograph is of the "post card" type of the 1920s or earlier. To the best of my knowledge, the young man was a friend of Jesse Shaw of Blount County, AL. They served together in Hawaii in the early 1920s.
This photograph is of the "post card" type typical of the 1920s or earlier. To the best of my knowledge this young man was a friend of Jesse Shaw of Blount County, AL. They most likely served together in Hawaii.
This is a photo of Dallas Don Bybee added by Shirley Hill on April 22, 2009.
People in this photo:
Dallas Don Bybee
Oct 9, 1930 - August 1984
Titusville, FL
I think Calvin Davis was on this ship. He served in the late 20's early 30's for the navy.
Me and my dad in uniform.He was sick with Cancer.He died a 2 months later.It was right before I got out of the military I believe. The family thought we should have this pictures made before he passed.It was nice because it was the first time I seen him in his Marine uniform and I in my Army. He was very proud of both of us.It was bittersweet.I knew this would be one of the last pictures I would have with him.
People in this photo:
Kimberly Parks
Born: Apr 15, 1977
SSgt. Nance files microfiche in a shoe box From the ADC Communications & Electronics Digest Sept. 1970 4754th RADAR Evaluation Squadron, Hill AFB, Utah
People in this photo:
Woodrow Nance, Sr.
Born: Mar 11, 1914
Donald Owens with his Airforce Buddies looking around after being stationed in England.
On the back is a note to Pearl (Woodyard/Rhodes 1894 to 1964). The photo has been cut so the note is only partially there. All I can get is "Pearl" & "We are pulling out this morning"
This is a photo of Me in the Air Force (NCO Academy) added by Christian Randrup on May 27, 2008.
This is a photo of my grandfather Rubi Highland Eckman. He was born 1881 in St. James Mo. He was in the Army from 1907-1910. He married my grandma Hattie E markley on Jan 1 1911 in Rolla, Mo
Cynthia "Candy" Basham King Brown, Bell, Reburn on USS Samuel Gompers 1981. In 1981 the USS Samuel Gompers AD-37 went on a "West-Pac" (cruise) to Hawaii, Phillipines, Diego Garcia, Australia and Hong Kong. This is a photo of Cynthia on board the Uss Samuel Gompers standing in front of the Arizona Memorial
Private James Isaac McGee, 2nd soldier from left, others are not identified. He enlisted at Sherman, TX.
People in this photo:
James Isaac McGee`
Born: Jul 7, 1880
Official DA Photo. I was a member of the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment called the Night Stalkers.
This photo is of Edward Bauer and friends. Edward is the one in the center with the hat on. He was a German from Russia, and immigrated to Colorado in 1912.
In deep discussion (probably about ART) He has a BioSite at www.cdcart.net Check it out this guy may be famous!
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