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U.S. Merchant Marines

Browse the history of U.S. Merchant Marines through vintage photographs.

A photo of Steve Soresso in the Merchant Marines.
People in this photo:
Steve Soresso
Sep 7, 1927 - Nov 25, 1985
Maple Heights, OH, United States
This is my grandfather's merchant marine's photo from the 1940's. It's the only photo I have of my grandpa ( the only loving male role model I had growing up other than an uncle )
People in this photo:
Joe Cooper
around Sep 27, 1925 - around Jan 4, 1997
Enid, Oklahoma, United States
Cadet Harry Kimberley Houghton: My gt uncle Harry as a Merchant Marine Cadet in the livery of the White Star Line. Probably pre WWI
People in this photo:
Stanley Freer Carroll, Merchant Marine, 7/14/1921 - 9/17/1978
People in this photo:
Stanley Freer Carroll
Jul 14, 1921 - Sep 17, 1978
A photo of Cobie Hoback
People in this photo:
Cobie Charles Hoback
Mar 4, 1889 - Jun 17, 1980
Jeffersonville, Indiana
This is my dad . Eugene D.H. Smith. He was a Merchant Marine and served on many ships but his favorite was the USS Bret Hart during world war 2.
People in this photo:
Maurus Lechtenberg Jr. WWII Navy Maritime Service: This photo of my dad was taken during WWII. He was a member of the Maritime Service, stationed at Catalina Island, CA. The Maritime Service was charged with protecting the important harbors along the west coast and acting as escorts for ships moving supplies and munitions in and out of the ports.
People in this photo:
Joined the Navy after Pearl Harbor attack and served as merchant marine in the Pacific
People in this photo:
William Harry Bolen
Sep 5, 1913 - July 2000
Missoula, MT
Thomas Earl Shelton (1927-2007) in uniform, probably in the 1940's, no date or location offered by the submitter
People in this photo:
Thomas Earl Shelton
Mar 23, 1927 - Dec 29, 2007
Santa Ana, CA
(first name not given) Beltz,merchant seaman, circa 1940. Location not given by submitter.
This is a photo of Joseph Bordenkecher added by Cathy Kremer on May 15, 2010.
People in this photo:
Joseph Bordenkecher
Born: Jul 9, 1927
My father worked on the Great Lakes Freighters during the end of WWII and about 6 years after. I wrote the US Coast Guard and they sent me his records including this. What a surprise. I cherish it.
This is a photo of Freddy Gene Bruner added by William Bruner on March 30, 2008.
_____ Arquette (a cousin), brothers Forest Lloyd CHAPIN (b.1926) and Byron Wright CHAPIN (b.1910). Byron was an officer in the Merchant Marines by this time, so photo must be c. 1945-1946.
One of many Photos that I have of my Father William Graham. I am not sure were this photo was taken. Graham traveled all over the US starting in 1926 thru 1941. When he disappeared he may have rejoined the Merchant Marines. A Christmas wish of a five year old, remains a wish 56 years later to a senior citizen. My father, William Graham disappeared July 1949. My mother, my sister, nor I know what happened to him. A body has never been found. Every year as the joy of Christmas draws near there is this wish of a child thats been with me all my life. The wish that my father might return home would be the greatest gift that I could receive. 56 years have past, no father. The wish is alive and well. As a senior citizen, my wish is to hear from any family members that may be still living. I have left no stone unturned in my search, its as if he disappeared off the face of the earth. Please know that I expect no one to try and find him. Want to share with others, maybe this Christmas the right person will read this note. A little information about Mr. Graham: William Graham born April 5, 1906 died ?????. SS# 044-12-1321. I did send for SS-5 forum. This record states William Graham (No Middle Name listed) is the S/o William Graham and Ethel Mitchell, born in Philadelphia, Pa., Have not been able to locate a birth record or information concerning his parents. Met my mother in Newport News, Va. Married my mother, Anna Maschek in Camden, North Carolina Jan. 1940. Records say that Graham was born in Philadelphia County, Pa. No census record was ever found. Graham joined the Merchant Marines abt. 1926. Aborad ship he traveled all over the U S and other countries. I have a picture of Mr. Graham if anyone is interested.Last Letter received from Los Angeles, Ca. Thank you for reading about my wish, Dorothy Email---- DM ea 986657 @aol.com
Picture taken at "Allen's Passport Studios" Harold was a Master Electrician with Officers rank. Sailed aboard the Victory Ship "Fred C Ainsworth".
People in this photo:
Harold D Cortright
Jun 30, 1912 - February 1979
Philadelphia, PA
Born in 1893 in Bristol. This picture is taken from albert merchant navy record book. Which is stamped with places including canada and jamaca
This is a photo of my father, William F. Zahn, Jr., Referred to as "Junie" or Junebug" by his family in West Point, Virginia. We are wondering if anyone can ID the taller man on the right.
First Son of Archie Edward Hassell, Sr. and Myra Pearl Moore. Born 9-13-1915 in Union, North Carolina. Died 5-10-1981 in New Bern, North Carolina. Buried in Greenleaf Memorial Park, New Bern, North Carolina.
People in this photo:
Archie Edward Hassell
Sep 13, 1915 - May 1981
New Bern, NC
WW2 Canadian Liberty Ship "FORT HALKETT" that was named for John Wedderburn Halkett.She was built by Burrard's Vancouver South Yard - 90% riveted and coal fired. She was delivered on 19 November 1942 to the owners/managers: J&J Denholm Ltd. of Glasgow. She had a short life. Bound in ballast from Bone to Rio de Janeiro the ship was east of Rocife when sunk by German submarine U-185 - south east of Pernambuco in the South Atlantic. 29 crew lost.
This is a watercolor, by Fred Halkett, of the WW2 Canadian Liberty Ship "FORT HALKETT" that was built by Burrard's Vancouver South Yard - 90% riveted and coal fired. She was delivered on 19 November 1942. Had a short life. Was sunk by the German sub U-185 on 6 August 1943 South East of Pernambuco in the South Atlantic. 29 crew lost.
Captain Craddock was the youngest person to receive his masters papers in the history of the British Merchant Marine he was Seventeen.
Photo found 30 years after the war. Tony Sousa, my great-uncle, is standing. If you can identify any of these men, please contact me.
People in this photo:
People in this photo:
Greg Melendrez 2nd from left, 1st row, at one of the many ports they visited while enroute to Antartica for Operation  Deep Freeze 1968 1969  Part of the crew of the  Coast Guard  ship Glacier.
People in this photo:
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