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Anna Bell (Schauer) Spezia
Dec 6, 1919 - Oct 5, 2014
Clara (Bambach) Schauer
Aug 31, 1894 - Jul 30, 1983
St Louis, MO, United States
Joseph Schauer
Jun 15, 1885 - Apr 9, 1965
St Louis, MO, United States
Mary L. (Joyce) Kleaver
around Dec 25, 1885 - Mar 16, 1973
William R. Kleaver
Apr 6, 1919 - May 26, 1993

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Patrick Kleaver John ("Jack") Kleaver was my dad's father, and lived with his wife (my grandmother) Mary on the second floor of a two-story house they owned in Old North St. Louis. My dad (also a John and commonly known as John Kleaver, Jr., although he really wasn't a "Jr." since his middle name was his mom's maiden name), my mom and I lived on the first floor. I remember oftentimes going upstairs and visiting Grandpa "Jack" while he was eating breakfast. He always ate a hearty meal, with a full pot of coffee, and would finish it off with the first of many hand-rolled cigarettes he would smoke in the course of the day. He had a decent size collection of stamps (primarily U.S. blocks of four if I remember correctly) and got me interested in stamp collecting. Later in the day, he could be found sitting on the bench immediately behind our kitchen in the backyard, reading the daily St. Louis Post-Dispatch, to which he would often write "letters to the editor." (Back then, the Post didn't verify the identity of the letter writer and he used pseudonyms.) Always to the point, some of his letters would crack me and my parents up with laughter, although they would now probably not be published as they were certainly not "politically correct." My parents lived in that house from the time they were married in 1947 (and I lived there the first nineteen years of my life), until Grandpa "Jack" and Grandma Mary died after having lived a short while in a nursing home. Their house was then sold in 1973 and we found another place to live.
May 19, 2015 · posted to the person John ("Jack") Kleaver