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Browse the history of Missouri through vintage photographs.

This is a photo of John Joyce Kleaver, Jr. and his father John Joseph Kleaver added by Patrick Kleaver on January 24, 2020.
People in this photo:
John Joyce Kleaver, Jr.
Oct 1, 1913 - Feb 24, 1988
St.Louis, MO
This is a photo of William R. Kleaver (in the middle), Loretta M. (Kleaver) Lowery (to the right) and John Joyce Kleaver, Jr. (to the left) added by Patrick Kleaver on January 23, 2020.
People in this photo:
John Joyce Kleaver, Jr.
Oct 1, 1913 - Feb 24, 1988
St.Louis, MO
A photo of Catherine Ellen (Schlobohm) Cooper My Maternal grandma and the only female loving role model I had as a child
People in this photo:
Catherine Ellen (Schlobohm) Cooper
May 27, 1927 - Aug 9, 1999
I don't know who they are, I found the photo behind a photo of my grandmother. the frame and pictures came from Plattsburg, Clinton county, Missouri. on the back of the photo I can barely see the word Lathrop which is also in Clinton county, Missouri. The 4 women look alike and are probably sisters and the clothing seems to be late 1800s. I hope some one recognizes them and lets me know their names
A photo of Fred Ostby
People in this photo:
Fred Ostby
Jan 20, 1930 - Oct 27, 2016
Orlin Aaron Wineman contracted the flu in 1918. His oldest daughter, Ethel Columbia Wineman, had come to check on him at noon. Shortly after returning home, Ethel was washing clothes with one of the first electric washing machines when a neighbor came over to tell her that her father died. Ethel was so shocked about the news that she nearly fainted and grabbed onto the machine for support. The washing machine delivered an electric shock to her and the baby. The baby died and was still born.
People in this photo:
"Mrs. Earl Huntsberry, of Shelbina, MO, proudly displays her favorite chinchilla. This little animal has one of the world's most exotic furs and probably is worth more a pound than any 'farm' animal in commercial production. A pair of adults now sell for about $1,000." 1948, Missouri. Proud Chinchilla Rancher
"Selected as queen of the Waverly Apple Festival this year was Margaret Casebeer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Casebeer. Mr. Casebeer, a veteran apple grower, recently sold his orchard at Waverly and is moving to a farm near Chula. Miss Casebeer, a former student at Central College, is shown with the grand-champion bushel of apples exhibited at the Waverly show." Apple Queen, 1948, Missouri
People in this photo:
Robert Buchert
Sep 5, 1921 - December 1985
The coveted award of state 4-H Club dress-revue winner went to Ruth Botts, Linn County, MO, 1948. Fashion, 1948
People in this photo:
Missouri, unknown and undated. Babe in a Bonnet
Missouri, ca. 1900 -- 1910, probably sisters. Babes in Bonnets
Missouri, undated and unknown Rare picture of the Missouri flutterby
A photo of 3 unknown children from the Missouri State Archives. unknown and undated.
A photo of the former JCPenney Store at River Roads Mall, 1983
Dorothy Heckmann and her cousin Rodney Heckmann picking cherries in the yard. About 1910 in Missouri. Time for Cherry Picking
People in this photo:
Portrait of the Witthar brothers, World War I era soldiers in uniform, ca. 1917, Missouri.
A photo of Ellen Asbury - Mrs. Ed Asbury. Taken in about 1910 in Missouri. Lovely fashion.
People in this photo:
Dad was pilot with four children when he went to Viet Nam. After a year (plus), he returned to Joplin, MO.
This was taken in Missouri, ca. 1900. That is all I know.
A photo of Amelia Kisker in Tower Grove park, St. Louis, MO 1901
People in this photo:
Mary (Paxton) Keeley and Elizabeth (Paxton) Forsling, dressed in costume, Columbia, Missouri. 1895 ca.
People in this photo:
Full-length view of 1909 University of Missouri football captain Carl L. 'Curly' Ristine in his football uniform. He became a lawyer. He would later serve in both World W ar One and World War Two. Big Man on Campus
People in this photo:
A photo of Sally Rand, 1910, with brother Harold on front porch of home near Elkton, Hickory County, Missouri, 1910.
People in this photo:
Left behind in President Gardens apartments in 1960. Located in Kansas City. My parents kept it all these years. I want to home it.
Left behind in President Gardens apartments in Kansas City, MO. My parents moved in here in about 1960 and saved the photos they found. Wish to find owner
Left behind at President Gardens apartment, Kansas City, MO, in early 60s. My parents moved in and saved it ever since. Want to locate owner
A photo of an unknown baby, Missouri. Left behind in apartment at President Gardens. My parents saved it all these years. Hope to find owner.
Found in apartment in President Gardens, Kansas City, Missouri. Would like to find family.
Found in apartment at President Gardens, Kansas City, Missouri. There are approximately 4-5 other family photos.
Photo and Signature from Mary Elizabeth Keen's 1932 nursing license. Photo provided by the Missouri State Nursing Board.
People in this photo:
Mary Elizabeth (Keen) Conard
May 15, 1910 - Sep 30, 1970
A photo of Cleo and Margaret Ehrhardt, Jefferson City, Missouri, 1938 - children playing
People in this photo:
Juda Kristof, an immigrant proud of her heritage, was a Czechoslovakian immigrant living in Ilasco, Missouri. Her house was located next to the Slovak Lutheran Church which she helped to keep clean. She generally was seen in her native garb. So dedicated was she to her Slovak roots, that she was the last to abandon the Slovak section of Ilasco (1972), leaving only as the demolition was set to happen.
People in this photo:
Susie and Anna Selesky, of Ilasco, Missouri (date unknown). Most likely a photo to mail back home to the old country. Ilasco was a company town in Ralls County, Missouri that employed a high percentage of immigrants. Hannibal Free Public Library (Hannibal, Mo.)
People in this photo:
ILASCO, MO - John and Maria (Pucarar) Moga were a Romanian couple. John immigrated in 1903 to work for the Atlas Portland Cement Plant as a dynamite blaster. Maria followed him to Ilasco in 1906. They had four children while living in Ilasco:John, Pete, Saveta and Mary. John was a bilingual man, speaking six different languages, and only left Ilasco briefly in 1918 to serve his adopted country (naturalized in 1913) in World War I. The family was devastated when John, a twenty year veteran of the plant, died on October 12, 1920 as the result of a dynamite explosion.
People in this photo:
A photo of Susan Kisel and Mary Valach who pose in traditional Slovak dresses - Two Traditional Slovak Girls. They are standing on the steps of the Homolos house. Ilasco, Missouri (company town), 1943 Hannibal Free Public Library (Hannibal, Mo.)
People in this photo:
A photo of the freshman of the Stanberry Missouri High School, 1922.
Portrait of a girl standing with a floral arrangement. Dent County, Missouri, 1900 -- 1920. With her matching bow and dress, she is quite fashionable. The curls are adorable.
Portrait of a Man - Taken at the Maclay House, in Tipton, Missouri. c. 1890 -- 1910
A photo of Kelli A (Eggers) Larson
People in this photo:
Kelli A (Eggers) Larson
around 1960 - Oct 19, 2018
A photo of Aunt Emma Adams on her birthday. She lived in Tipton, Missouri. This picture was taken at age 80.
People in this photo:
Emma Adams
Born: 1817
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