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Grace Bergloff This is a photo of Kiernan's Crew - Late 1943
Back Row (viewer's left to right):
1 - S/Sgt. Elvin R. Prichard, Radio Operator
2 - (Assuming) T/Sgt. George E. Siebert, Radio Operator (Did not fly on 1/17/1944 mission)
3 - S/Sgt. Edward J Mizerski, Aerial Gunner
4 - (?) Person named "Love"
5 (My Uncle) Casimer P Klawinski, Engineer
6 - Sgt. Charles (Claude) F Johnson, Gunner (Did not fly on 1/17/1944 mission)

Front Row ( Viewers Left to right)
1 - Lt. R. W. Kaufman, Co-Pilot ( did not fly 1/17/1944)
2 - 1st Lt. James P Kiernan, Pilot
3 - 2nd Lt. Vonnerlin Wernecke, Navigator (did not fly 1/1/1944)

NOTE: Some of the Kiernan crew shown in this photo were killed on 1/17/1944 during a night time training flight one mile west of Martin South Dakota. There is a Memorial Marker west of Martin South Dakota, marking the crash site. Also killed in the crash on 1/17/1944 but not in this photo:
a) 2nd Lt. Augustine S. Franzone, Co-Pilot
b) 2nd Lt. Peter L. Paget Navigator.

The plane cartwheeled into a field and all aboard were killed.
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Grace Bergloff Left to right Front Row...4th person in front row un-identified.
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Grace Bergloff At 1958 MT on 17 January 1944 B-17 - Tail # 42-30576 departed Rapid City Army Air Base for a bombing training mission named "First Phase"..o be conducted over the Ainsworth (Nebraska) Bombing Range. The mission should have lasted approximately 4 hours. After take-off the aircraft did not maintain contact with Rapid City Army Air Base, nor did they contact the Ainsworth Bombing range. At approximately 2350 hours, residents of the small town of Martin South Dakota reported the crash of a multi-engined aircraft to the control tower of Rapid City Army Air Base. Aircraft #42-30576 had crashed south and west of the town of Martin South Dakota. The entire crew of 7 perished in this accident.

In Memory of:
1st Lt. James P Keirnan - Pilot
2nd Lt. Augustine S. Frazone - Co-Pilot
2nd LT. Peter L Paget - Navigator
1st Lt. Earl C James - Bombardier
Staff Sgt. Casimer P Klawinski - Engineer
Staff Sgt. E;vom R Pritchard - Radio Operator
Staff Sgt. Edward J Miserski - Aerial Gunner
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