A cabinet that could afford it

A cabinet that could afford it
1 photomechanical print : offset, color.
Illustration shows eight men and one woman sitting and standing around a table, each is identified with a Cabinet position: J.P. Morgan as "Sec'y Navy", Thomas W. Lawson as "Sec'y War", Thomas F. Ryan as "Att'y Gen'l", James J. Hill as "Sec'y Int.", James H. Hyde as "Sec'y Com. and Lab.", Russell Sage as "Sec'y Agric", Henrietta "Hetty" Green as "Post Mistress Gen'l", Andrew Carnegie as "Sec'y State", and John D. Rockefeller as "Sec'y Treas"; sitting on the table is a statue labeled "Golden Calf" and hanging on the wall are portraits of "Midas" and "Croesus". On the far left is a ticker tape machine.
  • Title from item.
  • Caption: "There is not in my Cabinet one man to whom it is not a financial disadvantage to stay in the Cabinet." President Roosevelt at Asbury Park.
  • Illus. in: Puck, v. 57, no. 1482 (1905 July 26), centerfold.
  • Copyright 1905 by Keppler & Schwarzmann.
  • Miscellaneous Items in High Demand
  • Morgan, J. Pierpont--(John Pierpont),--1837-1913.
  • Lawson, Thomas William,--1857-1925.
  • Ryan, Thomas Fortune,--1851-1928.
  • Hill, James Jerome,--1838-1916.
  • Hyde, James H.--(James Hazen),--1876-1959.
  • Sage, Russell,--1816-1906.
  • Green, Hetty Howland Robinson,--1835-1916.
  • Carnegie, Andrew,--1835-1919.
  • Rockefeller, John D.--(John Davison),--1839-1937.
  • Croesus,--King of Lydia,--fl. 560-546 B.C.
  • Roosevelt, Theodore,--1858-1919--Quotations.
  • Capitalists & financiers--1900-1910.
  • Ticker tape--1900-1910.
  • Midas (Legendary character)
  • Cartoons (Commentary)--1900-1910.
  • Offset photomechanical prints--Color--1900-1910.
  • Periodical illustrations--1900-1910.
Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909, artist
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