A Day By The [White] River #2 Fields family photo
BettyJane Carl

A Day By The [White] River #2

Those whom I can identify are as follows: In the lower right hand corner is Madeline Neal. The adults are Beulah White who would become Roy Neal's wife; John Edwin Carr, Roy's half brother; and Rose (Carr) Neal, their mother, on the right, behind Madeline. George Fields is the elderly gentleman stooping down in front of the tree. ... show more

The Mystery

Does anyone know the name of the lady standing to the left of the tree, and her birthdate? I presume she is one of George Fields's daughters.

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Photo taken at White River Lawrence County, Indiana on
A Day By The [White] River #2

Madeline Neal

Born: Oct 9, 1914
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Madeline Neal at 6 years old  ·  Rose (Carr) Neal at 42 years old  ·  George Fields  ·  John Edwin Carr at 23 years old  ·  Beulah White