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Updated Jan 20, 2023



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Sue Real commented on Dec 24, 2003
Jane McGuffin, born in Ireland in 1811. From Ireland Jane and her mother Elizabeth McGuffin (born 1775) went to Canada and from there they traveled by covered wagon down to Louisiana in 1823. Jane was 12 years old.

Later Jane met and married Joseph West Neal. Joseph was born in Alabama. He had been married to another unknown woman and had five children, Joe born about 1825, Jesse born about 1826, William (Willis) Benjamin born about 1829, Thomas Franklin born about 1831 and George Washington born about 1833.

Joseph and Jane married and had three more children, Menerva Evalina and William. Jane was pregnant with their third child, Susan Frances Neal when Joseph was murdered, Tuesday, December 9, 1845.

Joseph and Jane Neal owned a commissary in Many Louisiana. On December 9, 1845, two outlaws came in to rob Joseph. He refused to give the robbers his money and reached for his rifle that was standing behind the counter. The robbers shot and killed Joseph in front of his wife and children. They took his money and hightailed it out of town.

Susan's two brothers, Joe Neal and Jesse Neal started practicing their fast gun draw and got to be really good. Soon they went to work at a sawmill. They worked there for a few months, just long enough to earn a few dollars. One day, Joe and Jesse Neal collected their pay, went home and got the money they had been saving. They gave their brothers, Willis and George some of the money to give to their mother and told them to let their mother know they were going after the men that had killed their father.

The boys lit out on the cold trail of the two outlaws. They crossed over into Texas checking the saloons in all the little towns and settlements and any known outlaw hideouts along the way. They finally found the two men in a saloon standing at the bar. When the two men looked into the mirror over the bar they saw the boys standing behind them. They turned and drew their guns but the young Neal boys were faster on the draw. They shot and killed the two men that had killed their father, then got on their horses and rode out of town. The law was hot on their tails.

The Sheriff and his posse trailed the boys back to the family farm in Many, Louisiana. The boys had come back to tell the family that the two killers were dead and that they were ok. The boys grabbed some food and cartridges.

From the family farm you could see someone coming before they could see you.

When the Neal boys spotted the posse riding toward the family farm the boys lit out for the neighboring farm.

The posse searched the family farm and neighboring farms but could not find them anywhere. When the posse got to the neighboring farm the boys had doubled back passing, and hiding from, the posse. The posse finally split up. Half of them camped on the edge of town, and sneaked back into town on foot, hoping to catch a glimpse of the two Neal boys. One of the men from the posse sat in a chair beside the front door of the Neal Commissary and another deputy sat across the street in front of the saloon owned by David Recknor.
The other half of the posse camped on the edge of the family farm watching for the boys to return home.

In the dark of night the two boys sneaked back to the family farm, kissed their family goodbye, managed to turn the posse's horses loose and headed out of town.

After about six months the law finally gave up and went back to Texas. The trail was now too cold to follow. As far as the law was concerned the two boys had vanished from the face of the earth.

The two Neal boys were never heard from again except for the few messages they managed to get to their family. Finally the messages stopped coming.

The boys had headed for “No Man's Land”. The area between Sabine in Texas and the Arroyo Hondo in Louisiana was called the “Neutral Ground” or “No Man's Land”. It had no laws, no government and no one to enforce any kind of control over the people living in this zone. This made a perfect place for criminals and low life to gather. It was soon filled with desperados of the worst kind. Men who robbed and murdered without fear of any type of punishment. The United States and Spain finally put an end to this condition by agreeing upon the present day boundary between Louisiana and Texas. But it took time to bring law and order to this part of the country.

In about 1848 Jane McGuffin Neal married David Recknor, owner of the town saloon. They had three more children.

Source: The Real Family Album written by Sue Real Mullins. Copyright © 2003 by Sue Real Mullins, P.O.Box 67, Crockett, TX. 75835.
Marjorie Neal commented on Dec 22, 2006
Everett Edward Neal married Nancy Marie Keibler on October 22, 1953. Witnesses to the ceremony were: Marjorie Bloomfield-Sister of the bride, Patty Keibler-Sister-in-law to the bride, and Herman Bloomfield, brother-in-law of the bride. They were joined in Holy Wedlock by the Rev. Charles Schaff in Portsmouth, Ohio.
Eddie & Nancy had (5) children: Brenda Lee McClellan, Marjorie Kathleen Neal, Everett Edward Neal, Jr., Pamela Kaye Neal, twin sons, Daniel Mark Neal and David Clark Neal. The family resided in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio until approximately 1976 when the family fanned out after Nancy's death.
The family of Everett (Eddie) Neal: [born 01-01-34 D. 03-26-85]
His Father: Fred Neal
His Paternal Grandfather: Am Neal
His Paternal Grandmother: Roberta Rebecca (Brown) Neal
His Uncles on father's side: Willie Neal, John Neal, Acie Neal
His Aunts on father's side: Hester Neal
His Brothers: Harlan Neal, Lawrence Neal,Harold (Tubby) Neal.
His Sister: Dorothy (Dot) Neal Gillum
On His Mother's Side:
His Mother: Lola Mae Johnson Neal
His Maternal Grandmother: Elizabeth Grant Johnson
His Maternal Grandfather: George Washington Johnson
His uncles: Sam Johnson, Elwood Johnson, Bill Johnson.
His aunts: Laura Johnson (married Nichols), Ola Johnson (married Neal), and Myrtle Johnson married Pugh).
*Two (2) brother's from the Neal Family married two (2) of the Johnson sisters: Fred Neal married Lola and John Neal married Ola.
The Family Of Nancy Marie Keibler Neal: [b 03-06-33 d. 04-29-76]
Her Father: Ellis Keibler and after his death, her Step-Father was Alonzo Bloomfield.
Her Paternal Grandfather: Edward Keibler
Her Paternal Grandmother: Deila (Johnson) Keibler
Her Paternal Uncle: Charles Keibler
Her Paternal Aunts: Stella Keibler (married Messer), Sylvia Keibler (married Hammond), Lori Keibler (married Hix.
Her Brothers: Robert Keibler and John Keibler
Her Sister: Marjorie Kathleen Keibler (married Bloomfield)
Her Mother: Addie L. Keibler (Dixon)
Her Maternal Grandfather: Bill Dixon
Her Maternal Grandmother: Stella (Burtram) Dixon
Her Maternal Uncles: Henry Brown (1/2 brother to mother), Eddie Brown (1/2 brother to mother), Abe Brown (1/2 brother to mother)and Lafe Brown (1/2 brother to mother).
Her Maternal Aunts: Alice Brown (1/2 sister to mother), Mary Brown (1/2 sister to mother), Nancy Brown (1/2 sister to mother).
The marriages of Ed & Nancy' children were as follows:
Brenda McClellan married Jerry Gibson. (2 daughters)
Marjorie K. Neal married Joe Daniel Cooke. (2 sons, 1 daughter)
Everett E. Neal, Jr. married Janice Peters. (2 daughters)
Pamela Kaye Neal b. 1962, d. 1963.
Daniel Neal married Sheila Jeannett Reed. (2 sons, 1 daughter)
David Neal married Denise Kaneriam. (2 sons, 1 daughter)

Contact the Author

Marjorie Kathleen Neal
[contact link]
Frances Macmillan-neal commented on Apr 08, 2007
first off i dont know anything about my neal name my grandfather donald eugene neal died when my father acie eugene neal was 8 it was a different time back then granny told was there was no neal left in the family but i have always thought different there are to many things that relate like living in portsmonth ohio a little town and i did see the name acie neal in your records that is an uncommon name even for today so if some one has any information on donald eugene neal who married vernia hoover or any info about acie eugene neal born 3-7-49 please contact me here on website thank u im tring to fill a void
Jimmy Brooks II commented on May 01, 2007
My name is jimmy brooks II. My grand fathers name was Richard Lonnie Neal. He was from Jena, Louiaiana, one of 7 children. He was veteran of WWI,he signed up in Colfax, Louisiana in 1918 and saw action at Verdun and Chateau Therrie; I still have his discharge papers. I just wanted to let other Neals that know that I had done some research on the family history and found that we may be decendents of the first king of Ireland whose name was Neal, who had 3 sons. They were sent out on a raiding party and brought back slaves from England one of whoms name was Patrick who went on to win his freedom and return to England studied christianity and returned to Ireland and spread the word, he is the reason for christianity comeing to Ireland and later became St. Patrick. From what I gathered no matter how you spell it, Neal or O'Neal, O'Neil; we are all the same family but the name has changed over the years. Neal is the correct name though. The O I believe is to say you are the son of someone.
Thank you, God bless.
Respectfully jimmy d. brooks II
Geraldine Eagle commented on Oct 02, 2008
Hi, on receiving my father's WWII Defence Service Records I discovered he had another family prior to ours. Dad's name was Frederick George Neal born in Portsmouth England on 7/9/08. I am the youngest of 8 siblings, 1 is deceased. The only knowledge I have of his previous family is his former wife's name which was ALMA NEAL and formerly of 38 RALSTON STREET SOUTH YARRA, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. From these service records it shows my father and Alma divorced on the 10/02/1941 and there were 3 dependants, 2 under 16 years and 1 over 16 in 1945, no names provided. There is also a reference to an address in Norseman, Western Australia.

This was never discussed with my mother, who recently passed away, but I am confident she was unaware of the first marriage, and the other siblings.

I'm interested in catching up with any possible surviving relatives from my father's first marriage. As I am 43 and my eldest sister through this marriage is 61 I realise that these siblings would be quite old and I don't want to shock or cause any distress, however they may have children who can judge the situation or may be able to provide information or be interested in contact with another branch of their family.

Any details anyone may have can be forwarded to me c/o [contact link]
Michael Neal commented on Dec 09, 2010
--Grandma's Soup--
Brown - 1 pound ground beef
(drain and discard fat)
add diced celery & onion - 1/2 cup each
add water (about 2 cups) - bring to boil
add 1 large can tomatoes (chopped)
add 2 cans mixed vegetables (16 oz)
maybe: a chopped potato or two
shredded cabbage
handful of spaghetti
1/3 cup barley
boil/simmer until veggies & spaghetti are tender

good with big loaf of sourdough bread
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