Alex and Lucinda (McFadden) Bowling

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Alex and Lucinda (McFadden) Bowling with five of their children (probably the first five children born). This photo was probably taken in about 1890 (guessing by the births of their children). That was also the only time there was a little girl (Mary) with several brothers. In later years they had three more daughters close in age. The back of the original picture does not give the children's names.
Alex was born in about 1855 (or 1852) in Clay Co.(or Laurel Co.), Ky and was the son of Isham Bowling and Mary "Polly" Garland. Lucinda was born in about 1863 in Laurel Co., Ky. She was the daughter of Westerfield "Wesley" "Wes" McFadden and his first wife, Mary Ann Williams (Westerfield's second wife was Nancy Young. He married her many years after Mary Ann died).
It's written on the back of this photo that it was taken in Langnau, Kentucky. Lucinda and Alex were married in Laurel County, Kentucky and could have lived in Langnau, Laurel Co., Ky before living in Clay County, Kentucky. This photo was shared with me by my aunt, Shirley (Tuttle) Scholl. She owns the original photograph. Her mother, Beulah (Parsley) Tuttle Caudle was a granddaughter of Lucinda and Alex. She owned the photo before she died in 1999.
in Laurel (or Clay) County, KY USA


PatriciaBowling Wood I believe this is part of my tree. I think Alex was kin to either my paternal grandma or grandpa. They were both Bowlings when they married so my tree gets
But my dad (Coleman) was born in Lagnau while his father (Delbert) was there working.
Feb 11, 2015 · Reply
Jacquelynn Ison I believe this should say London instead of Lagnau. I live in London and their grave is about 6 miles from my home. I have never heard of Lagnau until I read this. My great grandmother is the baby in Lucinda's lap.
Feb 13, 2015 · Reply
PatriciaBowling Wood I believe we are kin because my mom was a Johnson, and kin to the Tuttles and Parsleys. She had an Aunt
Dec 02, 2015 · Reply
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