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Updated May 08, 2022


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Betty Wirsen commented on May 05, 2006
The obit as copied from the ORBUA Minutes, 1938. Hannah Bowling It is with a sad and aching heart that I try to write an obituary of my dear Mother, Hannah Bowling, who has left us in the sin-sick world and gone on to live with Jesus. She was born October 25th, 1861.She departed this life December 1st, 1935. Her age was 74 years, 1 month, and 6 days. She was married to Dan Bowling Decemeber 12th, 1881 and to this union was born 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls, a little boy, Henry, preceded her at the age of 6 years. Father left us in the year of 1911, about 24 years before she died. She left 5 boys and 2 girls, and a host of friends and relations to mourn her loss. We believe our loss is her eternal gain. Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in the year of 1883 and took up fellowship with the Pine Grove Church at Lookout Kentucky, Pike County Kentucky. She was always to church when church time came. The writer has visited the church many times, looked at her sear, it being empty, and would think ‘Oh Mother, your prayers are heard and wouldn’t you shout for joy if you could sit here in the church and heard your son confess a hope.’ Now boys, Heen, Don, Dover, and Mont, girls, Mary and Orph: The last advice Mother gave to me was she hoped we would get along together good with each other and all mankind. Oh, children, Mother loved to go to church, how many of you are going? She would go twenty miles to be at church. How many mothers do that today? It was while she was visiting poor old sister Eveline Coleman, she had one of her bad strokes. Oh, sister Coleman was so good and nice to her, the writer together with all the other children will always have a good and tender feeling for sister Eveline Coleman and her family. We can say to the church they have lost a faithful member, and boys Heen, Don, Dover, Mont, and girls Mary and Orph you have lost a good loving mother, and the writer wonders if Jesus was to send the death angels into your homes and call you away could the circle be unbroken. Oh children, little Henry is up in Heaven and Mother is there too, then come on dear children, let’s join that Heavenly band, and we can see dear Mother and shake her tender loving hand. Some sweet day I am going to shake Mother’s hand where no sickness and trouble will ever come. Written by her son, Boone Bowling. 79th Annual Session, September 1938
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