Andrew Harrison - Men on Horses

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Taken in Jackson County KY. L-R Bob Clark, Stanley Isaacs, Joner Moore and Andrew Harrison. Andrew is my gr-gr-grandfather. Joner Moore is Andrew's son-in-law. Bob Clark was the father of another son-in-law of Andrew. Not sure of Stanley Isaacs connection.

Andrew's parents were Isaac Harrison and Mary C. Blanton. Isaac Harrison was the son of George Harrison and Rachel Isaacs. George Harrison was the son of Elisha Harrison and Ifa Baker(Igha Sookotosh Baker) who was either 1/2 or full Cherokee. Her father was John "Renta" Baker, a "long hunter." There are several versions of Ifa's coming to be daughter of John Renta Baker
in Jackson, Kentucky


[deleted] Stanley Isaacs was married to Gracie Moore, it may be that Gracie was kin to Joner Moore.
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