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We know the tall man is Bernard (Bud) Fortner, in his 20's, with a smaller man sitting down holding a baby. Probably around 1930 is a good guess. Anyone recognize the man ? My cousin thinks the man sitting is Bud's dad John Fortner born 1874 and the baby is her my cousin Marie Fortner Bud's daughter.


LeeBarb Fortner From more interviews the tall man is Bernard (Bud) Fortner and the man holding the baby is his dad John W. Fortner born Sept. 4,1873. The baby is Bud's daughter Marie Fortner born March 27,1927 in Hayti,Mo.
Jul 08, 2015 · Reply
Taylor Riggs My dad was born in missouri but his family 2as from Tennessee originally I know his dada name was john w. And that my dad was born in 1901 his name was orbry woodson fortner
Mar 31 · Reply
LeeBarb Fortner My great grandfather John Fortner was born in 1873. He ran off in 1914. So he could not be your great grandafther as my John only had 2 sons and they were born before 1900. I don't recognize the name you sent Orbry Fortner. Lee Fortner
Apr 01 · Reply
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