Bob West Family West family photo
Michael Atkins

Bob West Family

Lessee (Atkins) West and her sister Eva Atkins, Bob West and his father,
Bob's 2 kids Hugh & Sophia. Bob & Lessee were recently married here and later had 4 more kids before she died in 1907. Hugh & Sophia were from Bob's first marriage. Life was rough for women then. It is no wonder they oftendid not smile. This photo was taken in Weed, New Mexico. ... show more

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Bob West Family

Lessee (Atkins) West

Born: 1867
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Lessee (Atkins) West at 34 years old  ·  Eva Atkins at 22 years old  ·  Robert West at 35 years old  ·  West  ·  Hugh West at 4 years old  ·  Sophia West at 6 years old