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God Love Him , He was a Sweet heart a Hard Worker .
He lived way to Hard and worked Hard He was A Farmer He raised Peanuts and Water melons.
I was P.g with my oldest Son "Doug",I wanted Some Water Melons so My Brother Dave , Me and My 1st Husband Milton went to get some out of Uncle Pete's Patch.
needless to say we got caught Uncle Pete said who is it? I will shoot and I was saying Uncle Pete don't shoot It is Me and he said who is me and I said Elaine .
He said get all you want , some one has been coming up and busting all the Water Melons up at Night and this is my Living they can have what they want just don't burst them up.
He Was a Wonderful man Loved him.
He was a Good Man Loved Kids.
By his Niece Layne
Oct 16, 2003 · Reply
My Brother Dave was Not old enough to Drive yet But Uncle Pete had to Much to Drink so Dave was going Take Him home they were in the stick and Uncle Pete told Dave "Bus" Don't worry ole Uncle Pete will take care of you there is a cop behind us let me do the talking they were on a Old Country Rd and a Car nowhere in site and Uncle Pete telling Dave this.
God Love Him.
His was a Hoot.
Loved Him wrote by His Niece Layne
Oct 16, 2003 · Reply