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This picture was found in my grandmothers belonging's. My grandmother has been dead since 1951,so no one knows who she is.

Mystery: On the front of this photograph it has the name of something like, Booste Hale. On the back of this photo it has the year 1937. No one in my family knows who this young lady is. We also do not know what state or location that this picture was taken in. It almost looks like it could be at a college. I know that my Hale's / Hail's came from the Pulaski,Laurel, Bell, County area of Kentucky. However, I wouldn't want to rule out that this picture could have also been taken in Tennessee. I'd like for any Hale's out there to take a close look at this photograpgh and to see if this girl is someone that connects to their family.


Amber Wallen Booste Hale is the wife of Boyd Hale. (She's my great grandmother.) If you would be so kind as to send this photo to my family, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
Mar 11, 2004 · Reply
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