Boys working in Bibb Cotton Mill No. 1, Macon, Ga....

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Boys working in Bibb Cotton Mill No. 1, Macon, Ga. Smallest boy--Otto Sheldo--2 yrs. in mill. Next, Jack Bowman--4 yrs. in mill. Next, Clement Olford--5 years in mill gets .75 a day. Next, Lawnie Williams--8 years in mill, gets .65 a day. Next, Henny Potter--2 yrs in mill. Two boys on left hand end are country boys just beginning to work, get 50 cents a day Witness, S.R. Hine. Location: Macon, Georgia.

Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Photographs from the records of the National Child Labor Committee (U.S.).

Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940, photographer
  • Photographic prints.
  • 1 photographic print.
  • Title from NCLC caption card.
  • Attribution to Hine based on provenance.
  • In album: Mills.
  • Hine no. 0496.
  • Words "gets .75 a day," "gets .65 a day," and "work, get 50 cents a day" are underlined.


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