Brown men cutting wheat Connersville, IN

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Cutting wheat at Carl Brown's farm, Carl Brown was my gr-uncle. Carl's farm located south of Alquina Indiana in Fayette County, Indiana.
l-r Carl Brown, Walter Brown seated(father of Carl and Louis); little boy is William Cooney, stepson of Louis Brown; and Louis Brown, my grandfather.

Walter Brown and wife Mary Reisinger Brown(my gr-grandparents) owned farm on State Road 44 East of Connersville, now owned by Dennis Sherck. Louis Brown owned 2 farms southeast of Everton, Indiana. Walter Brown's father was Preston Brown born and died in Fayette Co. IN who also farmed in Fayette County Indiana. Preston's father was Samuel Brown who was born in Lebanon Co. PA, but moved to Union Co. IN and later to Fayette Co. He also farmed and had 3 fish ponds and sold sweet potatos. Samuel's father was Michael Brown born 4-20-1803 in Lebanon Co. PA. Michael and died in Fayette County 11-13-1879. He lived in Jennings township and farmed as well. See Michael Brown in family stories.

Photo from Kathryn Brown scrapbook belonging to Vivian Brown
at Carl Brown Farm, Fayette County, Indiana


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