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1946 Camp Roberts Boot Camp photograph that I merged and then overlayed to get a face to look right. (It was my father's photograph and badly damaged with time over the years.) Names:
Top Row: Luther E. Kelley, Batson, TX; Manuel Gonzales, Denver, CO; Boyd Gilbert, Pasco, WA; Art Holman, Stockton, CA; Johnnie Habeiman,
Row 2: ? Grossman, ?; Raul Flores, TX; ?; Donald Hampton, KY; Clifton W. Goforth, Yosemite, KY; PeeWee Gilliland. OH; Delmar D. Johnson, IA; Alfred R. Howell, TX; Ralff F. Gonzales, TX; Albert Felix, AZ; Douglas J. Hamilton, ?; Gerald R. Glass, Medford, OR
Row 3: Robert D. Jones, CA; George Fisher, WA; Bill Feritter, OH; Orire Haugland Story, CA; David Julius, MI; Donald Happs, CA; Billy Gresham,
TX; Hollis E. Hogan, TX; Shade D. Jones, ?; Orrel James Hays Sikeston, MO.
Bottom Row: Alfred S. Emerson, Tacoma, WA; Frank M. Jellison, MO; Henry C. Rozek, OH; Allen L. Hammond, KY; Capt Liber; Lt. Rogers; Tech
Sgt Mezyello; Tech Sgt Eggerman; Tom Fritzlan, Meeker, CO; Charles Enckerton, OH; ? D. Harling, Mena, AR; ?, Cleveland, OH; ?, Livingston, MT
On the back of the photo were the names written by each attendee; badly smugged and faded I tried to reproduce the names as best I could. If there is an Adobe guru out there who would like the two halves of the original, I scanned, I would be happy to share that also. The original photograph is approximately 14" x 11".


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