Chastun Sisters (Walker, DeRoche, Hansen)

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Mary Beatrice Chastun (Mrs. George Washington Walker), Marguerite Rosalie Chastun (Mrs. Clyde Edward DeRoche-deceased, and Mrs. Norris Walker at the time of this photo), and Mittie Mae Dillard Chastun (Mrs. Anton Hansen.) Birthday party/reunion for Marguerite.
at Ashwood/Bay City, Matagorda, Texas


Lisa Low I was looking at this photo and noticed that when you elarge and scole down the dress is blurry.If you scrole all the way down and then look in the middle of the middle dress at the very top there is a womens face with a round sun hat on it. You can see her eyes, mouth, chin, and checkbone.
Dec 10, 2004 · Reply
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