Chester Ship Building Co. Holt family photo
Tammy Kane

Chester Ship Building Co.

Photo By Miller Studio of Chester Ship Building Company Foremen. My Grandfather is Harry (Henry Johnston) Kane and he died in 1935. I believe this photo was taken in the 1920's.

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Chester Ship Building Co.

Robert White

Born: 1842
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Robert White  ·  William Holt  ·  Emanuel McElwee  ·  Harry Hogan  ·  Thomas Cauley  ·  Harry Kane  ·  Robert Holt  ·  Peter Miller  ·  M P Maitland  ·  David Phillips  ·  Howard Stark  ·  Fred Turner  ·  Joseph Todd  ·  Alonzo Hoopes  ·  Thomas Fenton  ·  William Porter  ·  Michael O'Malley  ·  George Boulden  ·  Harry Wolf