Cleveland Soup, 1893. Strikes = Lock-outs = No work /...

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Postcard for the American Protective Tariff League shows a bowl labeled "Cleveland Soup, 1893". The words "free trade" and "lest we forget" appear to the left and right of the bowl, a spoon "democracy" rests inside the bowl. The image references the horror of the Depression of 1893 and President Grover Cleveland's inaction at reforming the tariff laws. Also, demonstrates the League's distaste of Unions and their strikes.
Barritt, Leon, 1851-1938, artist
  • Postcards--1900-1910.
  • Zincographs--1900-1910.
  • 1 print (postcard) : zinc lithograph.
American Protective Tariff League , copyright claimant
  • 14133 U.S. Copyright Office.
  • Title from item.
  • "A Souvenir Postal" left side of card.
  • "Copyrighted 1906 by the American Protective Tariff League, 339 Broadway, New York".


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