Cora and Hubert Collins in June of 1967 Collins family photo
Dianna Elliott

Cora and Hubert Collins in June of 1967

This is a picture of Cora Ann Anderson Collins and her husband Hubert Vernal Collins taken in their front yard in Cherryville, MO.
Cora was the daughter of Fronia Ann Atkinson Anderson, and the Grandaughter to Sarah Bolin Atkinson.

Rev. Hubert Collins was the pastor at Cherryville Baptist Church for many years.
His parents were William T. and Dannie May Collins - he was born in Hancock County, Tenn. along with several brothers: Roy, Arvil, William (Bill),James, he also had two sisters, Marie and Olivia. His parents are burried in Pineville, KY.
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Did the Rev.have any brothers?
Jan 08, 2005 12:53 am reply
Photo taken at In front of Pastorium in Cherryville, MO. on
Cora and Hubert Collins in June of 1967

Hubert Collins

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
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