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Richard O'Keefe commented on Jul 15, 2003
Sarah COLLINS was born in Ireland about 1824 according to her death record or 1833 according to the 1900 census or even later from the 1880 census. In 1862, she was living in Cleveland, Ohio. She married James SHAUGHNESSY in Cleveland on May 11, 1862 shortly after his first wife died. Their marriage license shows her name as Jean Collins. James eldest son, David enlisted in the Union Army and fought during the Civil War. James other son, also named James, ran away from home in 1864 at the age of sixteen and got a job shoeing horses for the Confederate Army at Nashville, Tennessee. After the civil war was over in 1865, the younger James returned to Cleveland staying only a short while before he enlisted in the United States Army in 1865 to go to fight Indians in Wyoming. James and Sarah had two more children. Apparently, James and Sarah moved to Marion, Ohio before Margaret was born November 14, 1865. Finally, John Thomas was born January 29, 1869. When John was born his father was 49 and his mother was about 45. His sibling's ages were David 26, James 21, Mary 13, all half-brothers and sisters and his sister Margaret was 4. Apparently, the Margaret born about 1855 died as a child.

The family moved back to Cleveland, Ohio in 1880 after working for the railroad. Sarah's husband, James died August 30, 1883 at the age of 63 after 21 years of marriage. Sarah had her youngest son John sign the burial receipt for his father's burial at St. John's Cemetery. Margaret moved out west to Colorado probably living with her half-brother James and his family in Hugo.

Between 1880 and 1896 Sarah and her son John moved at least seven times before settling on 92 Lindus that would later be renamed 1390 East 90th Street. John from age 20 to 27 was listed in the City Directory as a painter or wood finisher. Sarah's daughter, Mary, who lived in Cleveland, got married May 31, 1888. Her other daughter, Margaret, living in Colorado was married on December 31, 1888. Mary had two children and Margaret had five. However, Sarah's daughter Mary died May 8, 1895 at the young age of 38. This left her two children under the age of six to be raised without their mother.

Sarah's youngest son, John, married Louise Blondin on May 27, 1896 and lived in his own home with his wife for about a year before the couple moved in and began living with his mother. Their first child, Adele, was born April 17, 1897. Nina, their second child was born in March 1900. Unfortunately, Nina died when she was only 17 months old. Louise gave birth to a boy February 3, 1902 but he only lived three hours. John and Louise had two more children, Lawrence and Marion. According to the City Directory in1904/5, Sarah lived at a different address. Was this a mistake or was she living somewhere getting nursing care? Sarah had 9 grandchildren when she died of pneumonia in her home at 1390 E. 90th St. N. E. in Cleveland, Ohio January 10, 1907 at the age of 73. Her funeral was from St. Thomas Aquinas church at 8:30 a. m. Saturday morning. She was buried next to her husband, daughter and two grandchildren in St. John's Cemetery (part 10 range 5 section 2 No. 5).
Vonnie Wright commented on Aug 28, 2005
I don't know really who my dad was. I am hoping someone out there can be of help. What I know is he was a expert sharp-shooter, served in the military, served as a cop in California as well as in Colorado. His mother's name was Lola Valentine (Wallace)? I've met her once. I understand the family moved to Colorado, I also have 2 brothers out there somewhere? This is truly a mystery. I can't remember last names, only first names. Anyone know anything?
Please help.

Vonnie :)
Corinna Mattingly commented on Mar 27, 2008
Here is what I know about my great grandfather, John Sanford Collins.

His father: Ozisa Denton Collins B - 10-29-1846 D - 7-17-1919
His mother: Carrie "Moss" Collins B - 5-29-1853 D - 3-30-1940

John Sanford Collins born B - 4-17-1890 D - 3-26-1975
Brother: Jessie B ? D ? Children: Myrtle, Hester, hazel, May,
Brother: Creed B ? D ? Children: Henry, Jeff, Benny, Russell, Ozisa denton
Sister: Mary Agnes B - 1-3-1893 D ? Children: May, Louis, Denver, Opal, Margaret, Thelma
Sister: Cary Gurves B - 6-21-1897 D ? Children: Madelin, Alvey Jr Wells, Little Irvin Ralph
Sister: Mildred B - 1886 D - 1940 Children: Hershel Pippin, Charles Pippin, Bill Mullen

John Sanford Collins married Maude Mullens B - 8-8-1896 D - 11-28-1981
Robert Lockhart Collins D - 2-21-1920
Vivian Estelle-Mitchell-Wyrick
Nannie Mildred
Alvey Bernard
Myrtle Foster
Pearl Virginia
James Sanford
Eva Belle
Martine Evelyn
Naomi Jean
Rebecca Ann
I have all their birthdates, deathdates and their childrens names as well.
If you have any of these names in your family I would love to hear about it!
My name is Corinna and I am the granddaughter of Pearl Virginia
My email is [contact link]
Barbara Sell commented on Mar 30, 2008
My grandfather was an orphan.He is on the 1900 census with Cora Stafford,Her two daughters Martha and Lulu.He is listed as adopted son of Cora.On the 1910 census Cora is listed as Cora Johnson,but no one living with her.On the 1920 census she is listed with her daughter Martha Hatfield a widow and her three children(Clifford,Rose,and Paul).In 1913 My grandfather and Salley Ford were married in Pittsburgh,Pa.They had 6 children.William,Edna,Pearle,Doris(my mother),James,and Leonard.When I requested a marriage lisence I was sent an application for one signed by Cora L. Johnson from Williamson,WV.and Lee Leonard Ford my grand mothers gaurdian.If anyone knows these people ploease let me know.I have hit a blank wall.
Pierce Collins commented on Sep 14, 2008
I'm trying to find out more about my family, As far as I know they come from bluefield,va.(bossievain),(pocohonas). My grandfather was adam faizer collins,grandmother was lena gay (wolf) collins. they had 9 childern my grandpop worked in mines (baby mine Pocohonas,va.)
also my dad Pierce E collins sr.(pete) and uncle Rex worked in the coal mines My mother Wanda (davidson) collins was raised in pocohontas va. Her family settled bluefield va. but no one can shead any light on my dads family,so if anyone out there can help it will be greatly apprecitaed.
pierce e collins jr.
Carolyn Davidson Hicks commented on Jun 25, 2009
I've been researching my Collins line for 24 years but most of my facts have been recent. I discovered that two of my relatives were actually the same man! The strange twist happens later after Amos Collins born 1784 migrated from Va. to Ky. One of his sons was named John Gilbert Collins born 1812. John Gilbert Collins had two sons, one named John Collins b:1843 and the other named Solomon b:1852.

I am a descendant from both these man, brothers, John and Solomon Collins. John Collins on my fathers side, and Solomon Collins on my mothers side. The story goes that when John Collins returned from the Civil War he changed his last name to Davidson. Generations later, my parents marry.

This is what made completing my family tree difficult. On my fathers side, John Davidson was actually born John Collins. Where one's life seem to stop at around 1863, the others life began and it all happened by a simple name change.

The moral of this story is, when you start researching your family tree, be prepared for a few surprises! Especially when you get your Y-DNA or mtDNA done.

Jacklyn Franco commented on Feb 01, 2015
this is to remember my family lost and still father ralph collins my mother kimberly woodworth sisters and brother grandparents.i think its very inporent to rember the ones we loose and leave photos behind for are uploading photos and memorys to see and know a little abolt our family past....
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