Coverlet Probably Made On The Loom At The Sheeks House

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One of the descendants of Mrs. Joseph (Rosannah Sheeks) Albin, has in her possession, the coverlet shown here, which has been passed down through the generations. She believes it was woven on Mrs. George (Elizabeth Canote)Sheeks's loom which is on display in the Sheeks House at the Spring Mill State Park Pioneer Village. Mary purchased a rug woven on that very loom and sees that each of the coverlet widths "whipped" together, is the same width as the rug she purchased. The coverlet measures 8'3" by 6'9" and is made of 3 equal strips whipped together. Spring Mill State Park does not have the means and the expertise to prove that the coverlet was indeed woven on Elizabeth's loom. George built the loom for his wife's use.
at Sheeks House, Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana


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